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Go inside the Raiders' locker room to see what the players and coaches were talking about following Oakland's 13-9 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

"I definitely do. I'm sure they watched the Giants game and thought we were sorry and didn't want to play but all week coach Cable talked about persevering and forget the pass and move on forward so we can get to where we want to go."

-- Defensive end Trevor Scott, who had two sacks, when asked if he thought the Eagles took the Raiders lightly

"We knew what kind of player Donovan (McNabb) is, a Pro Bowl player, a great player, has been for years, but we did a great job of getting after him. Just great team defense. Whenever you get a rush like that it makes it easier for the corners to cover, and whenever the corners are covering like that, it makes it easier to rush. A lot of guys stepped up and played huge for us."

-- Linebacker Thomas Howard, who had one sack and two quarterback hurries, on what the plan was for stopping McNabb

"It seemed like I was behind him for a minute, but the way it happened, I kept telling myself ‘Zach, get in the end zone, get in the end zone. Man, you should be there by now.' He was in front of me and I just tried to go in front of him and make another block."

-- Wide receiver Louis Murphy, whose two blocks were pivotal in springing tight end Zach Miller free on his 86-yard touchdown reception

"It's a big accomplishment. No offense to the media, but there was some bad stuff in the media and it was kind of dragging our team down. The core leaders just stepped up and said, ‘This is it. We can go two ways. We can either continue this nonsense or step up and make plays.' We have to get used to playing like this."

-- Murphy on the Raiders' resilience after a rough first month

"New Raiders, baby. Fido: Forget it, drive on. It's called Fido. Today you saw Raiders defensive philosophy, control the run and pressure the quarterback. That's what we've been preaching all year."

-- Defensive tackle Gerard Warren, talking about the defense not getting down after Stanford Routt's interception return for touchdown was erased by a questionable pass interference call

"We didn't have a great day but we had a good day. This is a lot better compared to what a lot of people thought we were going to do. Philadelphia is a good team. We've seen that on films. We knew it was a big challenge, and for us to hang around like we did, that's great."

-- Left tackle Mario Henderson on the win

"It was crazy. I saw the play downfield so I was jogging and I see 18 blocking one dude, then I see guys running and I say, OK, Zach probably has one more to beat.' Then I see 18 coming around again. That was probably one of the best blocks I've seen."

-- Henderson on his view of Murphy's blocking during Miller's touchdown

"I don't think it ever really crossed anybody's mind. We were out there biting and scratching, fighting for anything we can get. Stanford made a great play. The call didn't go our way. We weren't happy about it, obviously. Coach showed that in his emotions, and that's OK. It's a good sign that we can handle different adversities, and know that if they take one from us, it's not the last one that we're going to get. We can still make plays to win the game."

-- Running back Justin Fargas, talking about the team overcoming Routt's TD that was taken away

"That was a great team out there, and our guys kept fighting, whether it was special teams, defense, offense. We pulled it together. The thing Coach talked about was it was going to be a dogfight, so 60 minutes, when you go out there, those guys are going to punch. You can either take the punch or punch back. I think that's what we did today. The thing we have to do is build on it, and like I said, this week he talked about guys practicing better, guys eliminating distractions, and look at yourself in the mirror and determine whether you're going to be that guy, that you're going to make that play we need today. And it showed. Guys were flying around the ball, it's something we learn from."

-- Quarterback JaMarcus Russell talking about the win

"Very confident. No matter, what happens, good or bad, I always feel that. I have room to improve, I can make any and every play out there so I'm always confident. But today, it really helped out, there were plays that really didn't go so good, a tipped ball, an interception, or a guy make a play from the backside. The thing is, that's over with, let's go to the next play. And hopefully we can move forward from that, and don't let too much interfere in my mind."

-- Russell on his confidence level

"I came back in because I was trying to go with it. We had the shield on because the light was killing my eye, so I went back in. I was on the field but I couldn't see because it was really blurry. So, that was a waste of time, so I came back out."

-- Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, who didn't play much after being poked in the eye early in the first quarter

"Well, I go to him pretty much every Monday. This time, I guess it worked out just because we knew the type of weapons that they had, and he said he was going to do it. Maybe he'll see that it actually works, and we'll stick on it. He said that he might get yelled at for it, but he'll keep it going."

-- Asomugha, asked if he lobbied defensive coordinator John Marshall to blitz more every week

"I think we went out and threw a fight on somebody and said, enough, let's play. That's all you can say. There's no magic words or anything like that."

-- Head coach Tom Cable, talking about the difference in his team from a week earlier

"He did. He had the right depth on some of those bootlegs, dropped back. The first sack, I think it was the third or fourth play of the game, he actually misread it. If he had just pushed up to the right it was all blocked. He actually took off to the left where all the pressure was. If he had just pushed up to the right I think he only would have gone down once today. That would have been a great accomplishment for that whole group, our offense, backs, the line, the quarterback. I thought they handled it extremely well today."

-- Cable on Russell handling the Eagles' pass rush

"Ah, I could care less about Pierce. They got what they deserved today anyway."

-- Defensive end Richard Seymour on whether the Raiders were motivated by comments made by NY Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce.

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