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The Raiders were once again left searching for answers after getting shut out by the New York Jets on Sunday. Find out what the players and coaches had to say in the locker room afterward.

"It's the little things on offense that we have to take care of. It's throwing and catching the football. We have to make better throws and we have to catch the ball. It's precision on routes, it's precision on our footwork and our drops. It's just the little things that we have to clean up. We're a heartbeat away and we just have to keep grinding. We've got a lot of young guys on this team but that's no excuse. We have a lot of talent and that's one thing you have to love. When I was in there I felt great because I looked to my left and I looked to my right and saw the weapons we have out there. These guys can do some things. We just have to keep working, keep practicing and just learn from our mistakes and get better."

-- Quarterback Bruce Gradkowski, on what's missing from the Raiders' offense

"I was just like surprised. I wasn't expecting it. Bruce is maybe more vocal but at the same time they both still do the same thing. The only difference is Bruce maybe has a little more experience."

-- Running back Michael Bush on his reaction to the benching of QB JaMarcus Russell

"Everything's got to click. Everything's got to click. That's pretty much it. Make plays and that means o-line, receivers, running back quarterback. You've got to click as a group and at times you see it and at other times you don't. But we're improving. We've got another game next week. We've got another week of practice to get it right."

-- Wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey, who caught two passes to double his season's total

"You don't expect the defense to go on the field after one play. That's a big momentum swing and that's my fault."

-- Khalif Barnes, who missed a block on the first play of the game which resulted in a sack and turnover

"Actually I wasn't. The first interception was a matter of a guy coming across my face and getting to the spot. I tried to get it down but it was too late. As far as the second one, I thought I gave the guy a chance to make a play on the ball. As far as what I was seeing. I didn't see him come down with it. The ball in the air had a 50-50 chance, we just didn't come up with it."

-- QB JaMarcus Russell, responding to Tom Cable's assertion he was out of sorts to start the game

"The whole thing this week was to make sure the ball was kicked, regardless of the situation and we just didn't do it. We took our eyes off the punter, got into the return too soon and everybody turned and ran to the third man."

-- Tom Cable on the Jets fake punt deep in their own territory

"That's the million dollar question. They played exactly like we thought they would. Got to third down, had some overload blitzes, made move your protections different ways. Thought we had a chance to run the ball, ran the ball pretty efficient, just didn't get a chance to do it much. We didn't get tricked or anything like that."

-- Cable on Russell being "out of sorts"

"He carries the ball in the pocket a little bit careless. The guys up front, they were talking all week, just try to get a slap on the ball and get it out. We did it bunch of times, and we got one on Gradkowski as well. It was just good for us to try to get these turnovers."

-- Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis on Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell

"This team has just got to learn, we have got to learn as a team that you can't have a successful game and then just relax on that one, thinking everything is just going to be okay. You've gotta' realize, after you win a game or you playing a game well, teams are going to be gunning for you. The Jets came in here, and I'm pretty sure their coach told them, 'You know hey, don't get confused. These guys are turning it around. They just beat the Philadelphia Eagles, so we got to really hunker down.' And they did, and we didn't."

-- Defensive end Greg Ellis on the Raiders' inability to sustain success from week to week

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