Stubblefield hops across the Bay

Yet another San Francisco 49er has hopped across the Bay. This time it's defensive tackle Dana Stubblefield.


Yet another San Francisco 49er has hopped across the Bay.

            This time it's defensive tackle Dana Stubblefield.

            He became a salary cap casualty when the 49ers recently released him. Stubblefield joins wide receiver Jerry Rice, running back Charlie Garner, linebacker Bill Romanowski and safety Rod Woodson in the company of those with 49er roots to jump across the Bay and join the Raiders.

            "I've heard so many great things from the guys I played with like Jerry and Romo," Stubblefield said in a conference call Wednesday.

Stubblefield did not disclose the terms of his deal but's John Clayton reported the deal is for one year and worth $755,000, with no signing bonus.

"We've always had great respect for him as a person, leader and player," Raiders head coach Bill Callahan said. "He will add instant character and leadership that has been vital in our recent success."

Stubblefield added that he eagerly looks forward to playing along side John Parrella.

"We've known each other since the Kansas days," Stubblefield said. "We're both from the Big 8 so we know how to stuff the run."

Stubblefield was referring to the fact that he played his college football at Kansas while Parrella played for Nebraska. Stubblefield's signing assuredly means that Sam Adams will not return – not that his chances of returning were enormously great before the Stubblefield transaction. Oakland released Adams in a salary cap move and he is pursuing a deal with Buffalo. Stubblefield's acquisition could mean a similar setup as last season with Parrella and Stubblefield being the probable starters and Rod Coleman coming off the bench.

"John and I hit it off so well," Stubblefield said. "I forgot how close we actually were from our Big 8 days."

Stubblefield is a 10-year veteran who spent two separate stints as a 49er (1993-1997 and 2001-2002) and three years in Washington (1998-2000). Washington released Stubblefield because of salary cap considerations and he rejoined the 49ers.

He was named to the Pro Bowl squad in 1995, 1995 and 1997 and ranks third on the all-time San Francisco sack list, with 53½. Stubblefield has played in 146 games and has 416 tackles and eight forced fumbles.

            San Francisco general manager Terry Donahue said Stubblefield's play fell off toward the end of the year because "his weight got higher on him." Stubblefield, however, looked at Donahue's statement as an excuse to get rid of him.

            "If that was true then why didn't anyone say anything to me about it," Stubblefield said. "No one ever said anything to me about it."

            Stubblefield added that the 49ers tried to make contact with him about returning but he closed that door once the team released him. Stubblefield added that the Raiders commitment to winning coupled with the fact that the 49ers have gotten away from what made them successful for the better part of two decades played a role in his decision.

            "The biggest difference is that you have veterans here (with the Raiders)," Stubblefield said. "You don't need to light a spark in their tail. Some of the young guys over there it's a week-to-week thing and you have to light a fire in them."

            Stubblefield was also critical of the 49ers decision to fire head coach Steve Mariucci, when it took place two days after the season ending 31-6 loss to eventual Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay. Mariucci is now the head coach in Detroit but Stubblefield did not definitely say that he was interested in becoming a Lion.

            "I stand behind Mooch," Stubblefield said. "He's a great guy and a great coach. When you're my age, you want to know who's interested. There's still a lot of football left in Dana Stubblefield."


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