Training Camp News & Notes: Day 5

The Raiders had only one practice on Monday, but the team was finally able to put on some pads and get a little bit more physical. There are some interesting battles brewing at camp with some having serious depth chart implications.

-Wide receivers Chaz Schilens and Louis Murphy were back on the field, but were limited in their activities. Schilens suited up only for some drills while Murphy did some very light running along the sidelines. Murphy is still working his way back after suffering a concussion on Friday.

-In the one-on-one battles between the linemen, the matchup between Robert Gallery and Richard Seymour definitely got the most attention. In round one, Gallery got the best of it after Seymour lost his footing at the snap. Round two clearly went to Seymour. Gallery has done pretty well considering how injured he was last season. When he's healthy, he's arguably the best starter on the line, so it will go a long way for him to stay the course and regain his form.

-Rookie linebacker Rolando McClain walked off the field with two members of the training staff by his side. He later returned, and Head Coach Tom Cable just said that it was probably an "upset stomach or restroom."

-During his post practice talk, Cable spoke of the "heated competition "going on at cornerback between incumbent Chris Johnson and Stanford Routt. The two are challenging for the spot opposite Nnamdi Asomugha.

On Routt, Cable said, "What I see in Stan is a guy that when he's focused, he's an outstanding talent. I really felt like when he was around in the OTA's in his limited time, there was a much different focus about him. I see it in camp already. I think he probably feel like it's time and it's his time."

Asked about the competition, Johnson wasn't short on confidence. "I came into camp as a starter and I am going to leave as a starter. I never look behind me. If a person looks behind, then he is going to fall behind. So I always look forward and try every day to improve my game. I don't ever worry about the next man."

-Although they've got their pads on, the players are still limited as far as actually physical play. There were a few incidents where players were overly aggressive and had to be reigned in a bit, but as difficult as it might be for the players, discerning and analyzing what's going on might be as difficult for the coaches. On one particular play that had people talking, Mike Mitchell came up and put some contact on Darren McFadden, but then held back.

On a question about the running backs, Cable hinted at having to discern those potential big plays: "I think to be fair to the whole thing you got to see what happens in and through the line of scrimmage. How realistic is it? Yeah, they're going to come out and run cause we're trying to incorporate that in our run, to finish runs and all that. But the real issue is what did it look like at the point, you know, that moment? When someone had a shot to take. Was it going to be clean, or was it going to be a two-yard gain, or was it really going to be a four, five yard gain."

Below are some more of coach Cable's comments to the media:

Opening statement…

"Okay, first day with pads and some good contact. Really liked the effort, no question about that. I think they were prepared to go to work today. Far from perfect, far from where it needs to be in terms of execution on both sides of the ball, but great work. Competition still remains high in terms of how they're challenging each other. So very pleased with all that, and you know what, it's day one of it. It's a good start, but we've got lots of work to do."

On the aggressiveness of practice…

"You know I think that's going to come. I think when they get a little hotter, little more tired, little more kind of ornery, you know, that's football, it'll happen. So, not really worried about that too much. I do think they respect each other and do try to take care of each other."

On Darren McFadden…

"You know, Darren, we've used him that way in terms of lining him up out there, but I think kind of an unknown really as Michael Bush. He's really good as catching the football as well."

On getting better…

"First of all, we try to keep it real all the time. I mean, we make some statements and obviously some claims, if you will, about not looking back. But I think at the same time, we're very in tune to everyday, it's got to be better. You have to learn how to get better and how to push each other to do that. All that lovey-dovey, whatever you want to call that, it doesn't mean a lot to us. It's what we do out here, and when we walk off this field, we all ask ourselves, ‘Are we better?'"

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