Baalke Knew of Wright's DUI Prior to Trade

On the eve of veterans reporting for training camp Wednesday, 49ers GM Trent Baalke addressed the media for the first time since Eric Wright failed his physical that voided the trade to San Francisco and Ahmad Brooks' recent run in with the law.

A day after Eric Wright failed a physical amid speculation DUI charges scared the 49ers away from finalizing a trade with the Buccaneers, 49ers general manager Trent Baalke said the team was aware of his recent charges and they had no impact on his failed physical.

"The Bucs were very forthcoming in their information and we definitely knew what the status was," Baalke said.

"We don't get into why a player passed or failed a physical. Our medical staff wasn't convinced he was ready to be put on the field so we just didn't pass him."

The trade was rescinded and Wright was sent back to Tampa Bay and subsequently released. Baalke wouldn't rule out the possibility of the San Francisco native eventually joining the team, however.

"The door is never closed on players. Once again, we're going to continue doing our due diligence like we do on all our players. With respect to Eric, there's always a possibility that he becomes a 49er at some point. It's just not now."

The 49ers don't have a pressing need at corner currently. The team will return all five of its players from 2012's NFC Championship team, but faces a number of question marks going forward including Tarell Brown's pending free agency after the season and Carlos Rogers' roughly $25 million owed over the next three years.

Baalke also addressed the Ahmad Brooks' arrest for the first time, but would not reveal any new information or internal discussions had with the team's outside linebacker.

The Santa Clara County District Attorney's office decided not to pursue charges against Brooks after he allegedly struck teammate Lamar Divins in the head with a beer bottle in an incident back in June.

There was no arrest warrant for Brooks after one had initially been filed by mistake, according to the USA Today.

When asked if there would be any potential discipline for Brooks, Baalke said, "All the things that we discuss with our players relative to any discipline specifically one-on-one with that player only."

There has been no indication if the NFL will discipline Brooks as of yet.

With the torn Achilles injury to leading receiver Michael Crabtree, the 49ers continue to be open minded about bringing in more players to add to the mix, Baalke said. The time table of Crabtree's return remains cloudy, but the team believes he will return to action at some point late in the season. The team already brought in wideout Austin Collie for a workout, who remains unsigned.

"We're always looking. I can't stress that enough. I think guys that have followed this team since coach Harbaugh and myself have been here understand how we're always trying to heat up the waters, we're always trying to bring as many players as we can to get the best possible 90. Pretty soon it will be 75. Then it will be down to 53. At every stage, we want the best that we can have at that number," Baalke said.

When asked if Randy Moss had shown any interest in returning to the 49ers, Baalke declined comment, but noted, "Once again, nobody is off limits. Nobody."

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