Los Angeles Rams looking for a deep threat receiver in 2016

The Los Angeles Rams will be looking to address their lack of a big play wide receiver in the Draft. Our Josh Webb joins the Scout Now studios to discuss some potential options for the Rams via free agency and the NFL Draft.

Aside from needing a franchise quarterback, the Los Angeles Rams' offense could use a big play receiver to help compliment Todd Gurley and Tavon Austin in the running game. After Kenny Britt's 681 yards, not a single Rams receiver on the roster had more than 480 receiving yards. More than missing a couple of games, Gurley's ability to rush for over 1,100 yards might be more impressive with the Rams' impotent passing game. Impotent might be underselling it a bit. 

The Rams had 11 total passing touchdowns in 2015. To put that in perspective, the New England Patriots led the NFL with 36 and the Jacksonville Jaguars had 35. The Cleveland Browns -- a good baseline for ineptitude -- managed to put up 20 passing touchdowns with all the quarterback controversy they had. That's nearly double the total of the Rams. The Vikings made the damn playoffs with 14 and the Broncos won a Super Bowl with 19; the Rams were bad, bad, bad. 

Unfortunately for Los Angeles, the free agent market looks bleak. Alshon Jeffrey is the most notable name on the list by a significant margin and it's likely he will be franchised tag. This leaves the Rams with the trade option or going the Draft route to basically find an offense. It worked for the Colts with Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton, so why not. 

Whatever talent isn't available through free agency is certainly available in the NFL Draft, however. Ole Miss' Laquon Treadwell seems to be the consensus guy right now, but that could and may change after the Combine or Pro Days. Treadwell is as physical of a receiver as they come and his frame alone is why teams have been salivating over getting a closer look at him. He has all the potential to be a game-changing threat at 6-foot2-, 210-pounds and ability like he has at his disposal. 

Corey Coleman out of Baylor also presents an enticing option for some teams, but at 5-foot-10, 190-pounds, Coleman represents more of the same for the Rams and that doesn't address the Baylor concern. As an offense, Baylor's is particularly lazy. That is not a slight at the Bears, this is a documented fact and something Baylor head coach Art Briles has never shied away from admitting. It has presented a problem for their wideouts finding success in a route-driven league. Maybe Coleman can break this trend, but it is worth a first or second round pick by the Rams when they need someone now?  

Will Fuller out of Notre Dame probably presents the most intriguing option. Fuller is a bit smaller at 6-foot than some of the other primary targets, but he plays much larger. In addition to his ability to play bigger than he actually is, he can also get physical with defensive backs and has no issue matching speed for speed or power for power. USC tried multiple different matchups on Fuller when they met this season and none of it mattered. He abused them all. 

Josh Doctson out of TCU and Braxton Miller from Ohio State also represent intriguing options. Miller have more single-play explosive ability than anyone available and that includes Treadwell. There is not much that Miller won't do for his team, either, just ask Ohio State fans about their love for Miller. He is a class act and a talented athlete.

Whatever the Rams decide, they will have options. There might be a more talented pool of receivers in this class than their are quarterbacks, but that is for others to decide. The Rams know that they need to improve this offense and they will be looking at ways to do that. In the end, all that really matters is that they find a way to improve their offensive output by any means they can. 

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