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Colin Kaepernick Q&A with Jennifer Chan of Niners Nation

The San Francisco 49ers could be forced to move quarterback Colin Kaepernick and the Rams have been strongly linked with a trade. Our Josh Webb caught up with Jennifer Lee Chan of Niners Nation to talk about the possibility of a trade. Here is his Q&A with her, audio will be posted later today.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been linked with a move away from Santa Clara. The Los Angeles Rams are in need of a quarterback and Kaepernick's upside may tempt them to trade for the California native. But how likely is a trade with the Rams having so many needs across the board? Our Josh Webb caught up with Jennifer Lee Chan of SBNation's Niners Nation to talk about the possibility of a trade and what Kaepernick would bring with him. 

Q: Where is Kaepernick at in terms of his development in the league? Is he the old Kaepernick or the current form?

A: I’m hoping he’s somewhere in between. I think he learned from last season and is working on growing from it. He’s recovering from three surgeries so as much as he can do, I’m sure he is. He has a tremendous work ethic. Once he is able to work on his physical football technique, I’m sure he will.

Q: Why did things fall apart for Kaepernick in San Francisco? Was it an organizational thing? Was it a Kaepernick thing? Was it a mixture of both?

A: I think it takes two to tango. He lost his greatest advocate when Harbaugh left for Michigan. I wouldn’t doubt that he felt somewhat betrayed by the front office for that alone, not to mention what has happened since then. He obviously hasn’t played his best football in the last season but it is a team sport and you need everyone to play well to succeed.

Q: What type of leadership does Kaepernick need to succeed?

A: He’s a quiet leader. He needs a locker room that understands that, or to change his locker room persona. I’m thinking the first option is the more likely situation to happen. Like I said, he does have a tremendous work ethic, and I’m sure teammates recognize that, but is it enough?

Q: What is it going to take to get him mentally ready for an NFL season again?

A: It’s going to take a big boost of confidence. Before he was benched for Gabbert, Kaepernick looked like he was afraid to throw an INT. He explained in post game press conferences that he would rather throw away the ball than cause a turnover, but he needs to trust his receivers and throw them open instead of waiting until they are open and rifling the ball to them.

Q: What type of value will the Niners be looking to get in return for him?

A: GM Trent Baalke loves to have a plethora of picks. He often wheels and deals on draft day to get more bang for his buck. There aren’t a lot of FA QBs this year and the draft is also QB light so I’d think it has to be a good deal for him to bite.

Whether or not the trade happens is still dependent upon a lot of things, but Niners Nation seems to think that Kaepernick's contract might not be as immovable as some may believe. The 49ers may yet find plenty of potential suitors for their young talent and his $11.9 million 2016 contract may not be the stumbling block experts once believed.


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