VIDEO: What Happens in the Secondary Now?

The Los Angeles Rams had stated re-signing their secondary was a top priority at the NFL Combine. Several days later and two of their top unrestricted free agents signed high-value contracts with other teams. What happens to the secondary now? Our Josh Webb joins Scout Now studios for more:

Free agency is a cruel mistress. Immediate gratification is often forced to give way to long-term planning. Long and thunderous periods of silence loom heavy over NFL franchises as they're careful not to tip their hand as to their free agency plans. Teams often complete in-house signings first, only adding to the fan frustration and desire to see new blood brought in that will revitalize their team for the upcoming season. 

Nobody wins in free agency. It's not the players, who often offends some large crowd of people by putting their family before people they've never met. It's not the teams, who will always be required to follow up that signing with "the missing piece of the puzzle to complete the scheme," and it's certainly not the fans, who end up pulling out their hair and fighting over social media. The idea that anyone wins free agency is a silly notion at best. The only entities claiming victory during free agency are the media outlets doing the reporting. 

So now the Los Angeles Rams wait and they evaluate. This is a team that has had good drafts and bad drafts, but they have shown an ability to evaluate talent to a good degree. If the Rams aren't active in the free agent market at this point, it's likely because they have a plan for the Draft. The likelihood of that plan working out is up for debate, but it seems like there is some plan in place for how to address the holes on the team. 

The 2016 NFL Draft is loaded enough at the defensive positions that the Rams can find some serious talent. The Ohio State eligible Draft players alone could solve a lot of the Rams' worries, so there is an abundance of talent to be found in the Draft. The question for the Rams -- for all teams, really -- is what they will be willing to pay to grab one of those talents when the chance comes. 

At No. 15, the Rams seem poised to be thrust into that position. Will they be ready to take the chance when it comes? 

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