VIDEO: Should the Los Angeles Rams gamble on Robert Griffin III?

Former Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III is reported to have a strong interest in joining the Los Angeles Rams. Would this be a good idea for the franchise? What concerns would they have over Griffin? Our Josh Webb joins Scout Now studios to discuss.

Former Washington quarterback is the latest quarterback to be linked with the Los Angeles Rams in an off-season that has seen them linked to a possible deal for everyone but Neymar and Lionel Messi, and that's likely only because taxes got in the way. The Rams are every outlet's first choice as possible landing destination for any worthwhile quarterback and a few that aren't. The rich part about these stories is that they come against the backdrop of the organization firmly stating they have no interest in moving beyond Case Keenum and Nick Foles competing for the job. 

Teams deny free agency reports for myriad reasons, but chief among those reasons is the idea that you're showing your hand at a very costly poker table. Exactly how true this is in a need-based Draft era is up for speculation, but the age-old practice of keeping your cards close to the vest is something every general manager, including Les Snead, has mastered during their time moving up the administrative chain. If the Rams were considering a move for quarterback behind the scenes, however, even the experts are having a bit of trouble pinpointing the target. 

Most Los Angeles insider reports tend to jibe with Snead and head coach Jeff Fisher's comments. The rate with which FA quarterbacks have moved past Los Angeles without so much as a layover would should at least give credence to the idea that, if they are after a particular brand of passer, they are doing so far enough beneath the scope of the media radar or, you know, they're just not actually going to make a move for a quarterback in 2016. On the face of things, the latter seems to be the case. 

RGIII could present an interesting option for the Rams now that he has cleared waivers, but that also means the Rams had no interest in him when he was on waivers. That could just be a simple case of playing the odds he would clear, but Griffin's reported interest in the Rams hasn't even so much as moved the needle for the Los Angeles front office. It is worth stating that lack of present action does not mean the organization aren't poised to make a move, it just means they're doing a good job of making everyone think they are not. 

So now RGII and Los Angeles wait. They wait to see if the Rams want RGIII as bad as he reportedly wants them.

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