VIDEO: Where do the Rams turn for a QB with RGIII gone to Cleveland?

The Rams were in the market for a quarterback and RGIII was thought to be the one guy they make take a chance on signing.

It was always unlikely that the Rams were going to make a move for Robert Griffin III. When reports began to surface that Griffin was interested in a possible move to Los Angeles, his interest barely moved the front office needle for owner Stan Kroenke. Earlier today, Griffin signed a deal with the Cleveland Browns to become the franchises umpteenth quarterback since 1999. Does this mean the Rams are going to stick with Case Keenum? 

It would seem likely that, at least for the foreseeable future, the Rams' best option at quarterback is Keenum. This does not mean that the Rams will not make a move or use one of their picks in the upcoming Draft to select a quarterback, just that the pickings are slim at the moment and they got even slimmer when Griffin signed with the Browns. As for what the Browns do next, only head coach Jeff Fisher and Kroenke know for sure. 

As LA Rams Report wrote last week, Kroenke has never shown a strong interest in arming his teams with tons of high-value free agent targets. Much like Kroenke's other crown jewel -- Arsenal F.C. -- the front office strategy with the Rams seems to be re-signing their own talent, developing young players, and using what you have to win games. 

Most experts tend to agree that Griffin was a reclamation project in need of some basics training. What the Rams need is someone capable of standing in and delivering now. Griffin did not fit that mold and it is likely why the Rams never made a move for the talented passer out of Baylor. After four straight seasons of seven or fewer wins, the last thing the Rams needed was a quarterback with minimal to no confidence. 

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