VIDEO: Los Angeles Rams waiting until 2019 to unveil new uniforms

The L.A. Rams made headlines when they announced they would wait until 2019 to unveil their new uniforms. Our Josh Webb joins Scout Now Studios to talk about the decision to wait.

Whenever a team moves to a new city or state, talk eventually shifts to the re-branding of uniforms and logos. The Los Angeles Rams face such a situation now that they have relocated back to Los Angeles, a city firmly entrenched in the history of the organization and uniforms. The Rams addressed uniforms rumors last Monday, when Kevin Demhoff, the Rams' executive vice president of football operations, announced that the team will remain in their current uniforms until 2019.

The team cited the NFL's process for submitting a uniform change request, but acknowledged that they've heard the fans' cries to return to the old L.A. colorway. Adding to that, the team also stated the desire to unveil the new threads with the new stadium, also to be completed in time for the 2019 season. The logistics here are quite simple; the team would like to do the entire overhaul at one time rather than stagger it out over several seasons. 

The Rams followed a similar process when they originally moved from Los Angeles to St. Louis. The franchise has already begun work creating a home in California, leasing office space in Agoura Hills and setting up training camp at UC Irvine. As it currently stands, the Rams will be spread throughout the great Los Angeles and Orange County metropolitan areas. 

The Rams have made significant progress since announcing their move to Los Angeles. All things considered, the current set up for the team is the best one could hope for given the logistics needed to house an organization with the size and demands of an NFL team. The front office has done an outstanding job of getting things situated in a timely manner, working with as many different local governments as was needed to accomplish this extraordinary move. 

It may be a pain for those covering the team at first -- the drive from the Coliseum to UC Irvine alone is around an hour, the same can be said for the drive from the Coliseum to Agoura Hills -- but there are only so many places to store an NFL franchise in the Southern California area. As owner Stan Kroenke begins construction on his latest project, fans and media alike can be assured that the organization's centerpiece will be equipped with anything and everything needed to create a winner. If there is one thing owners love, it's building a new NFL stadium.

Expect Kroenke's to be the finest in the land. 

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