VIDEO Super Bowl LV coming to Los Angeles

The NFL announced the dates for the next five Super Bowls today and Los Angeles made the cut. The L.A. Rams' new stadium will play host to Super Bowl LV in 2021. Our Josh Webb joined the Scout Studios for more on what it means for Los Angeles.

The Super Bowl is one of the most coveted events in stadia history. To host the NFL's crown jewel is among the highest honors a city and venue can receive. When the NFL was announced to be returning to Los Angeles, people began to wonder if it was only a matter of time before the city played host to the event. Earlier today, the NFL answered those questions by announcing the next five Super Bowl venues.

The Super Bowl has a rich tradition in Los Angeles, as the city played host to the first ever Super Bowl. The 1972 Dolphins capped off an undefeated season in Los Angeles. The city also saw the Cowboys win the first of their three Super Bowls in the 90's. The '86 Giants toppled the Broncos at Super Bowl XXI in Pasadena. Kenny Stabler took down the Vikings in Super Bowl XI. In fact, Los Angeles is so rooted in the game's tradition that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti mentioned its importance in a statement issued after the news broke. 

"Los Angeles is built to host the Super Bowl," Garcetti said. "We helped forge this great American tradition as its very first host in 1967; and no, at long last, we're bringing it back where it belongs. L.A. is already welcoming a record number of visitors from around the world, and Super Bowl LV will bring even more economic prosperity to our region -- attracting tens of thousands of people to our city and generating hundreds of millions of dollars for local hotels, restaurants, shops, and other businesses."

 The Los Angeles Rams were also instrumental in bringing the event to Los Angeles. Their presence and new stadium alone make for an enticing venue, but the organization are known for their ties to the community and knew this would be a fantastic way to ingratiate themselves to the Los Angeles community. Rams COO Kevin Demhoff, one of the league's most community-oriented administrators, said that the Rams were thrilled to participate in the efforts to finally secure the Super Bowl's return to Los Angeles. 

"On the heels of the National Football League's historic return to Los Angeles, the Rams are proud to be part of a significant regional effort of teamwork, leadership and vision to bring the Super Bowl back to Southern California," said Demhoff. "We would like to thank the NFL owners for giving us this opportunity to host the nation's biggest event in sports and entertainment at our world-class stadium, to showcase the great cities of Los Angeles and Inglewood and deliver an incredible experience for fans from across the globe.

The Rams haven't just returned to Los Angeles, they've come storming back with a No. 1 overall pick, franchise quarterback, a world-class stadium, and now the promise of a Super Bowl. Los Angeles may have waited 20 years, but they've been repaid in full so far. 

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