VIDEO -- Rams HC Jeff Fisher's plan for WR Tavon Austin is unlikely

Jeff Fisher recently said the Rams were going to try and get Tavon Austin 100 catches during the upcoming season. While Austin appreciates the sentiment from the coach, he thinks the coach misspoke. Our Josh Webb explains why Austin might feel that way.

Tavon Austin is one of the NFL’s most explosive receivers. Anytime he has the ball in his hands it’s a pure treat to see, unless you’re a defender or a fan of the opposing team. Whether it’s special teams or on offense, Austin made things happen which is exactly why the Rams want to get the ball in his hands at all cost.

The Rams have a plan to give the ball Austin a lot this season. Last week, Jeff Fisher gave some insight on the offense and how Austin could see more touches.

“It’s going to all focus off the run game.” said Fisher. “If need be we’re going to hand it off to Todd (Gurley) and if someone says, ‘we’re not going to let you do that’, then we’re going to spread it around. And so when it’s all said and done, I think we’ll be able to look back and I think see Tavon maybe double in catches over what he had last year. And that’s the most important thing; it’s just to get the chunks downfield.”

Jeff Fisher seems very optimistic that Austin can reach 100 catches as a feature receiver. If Rams fans are to believe their head coach, it would seem  like he’ll be featured heavily as a receiving target during upcoming season. In a recent article by Vincent Bonsignore in the LA Daily News, Austin doesn’t seem as optimistic as his head coach, but appreciates the fact of being targeted more.

“I don’t think he means 100 catches,” Austin said. “That’s hard to do. This is the NFL. Anytime your coach says he wants to get the ball in your hands more, that’s great.”

Last year Austin averaged 6.5 catches a game. He finished the 2015 season with 52 catches for 473 yards and five touchdowns. If Austin’s catches double that, then he could be in the ballpark of 100 catches. The challenge, however, is finding ways to get him the ball.

Rams offensive coordinator Rob Boras knows how versatile Austin can be and he plans on taking full advantage of it.

“Obviously, as a receiver everyone wants to talk about catches he get. But we can line him up in the backfield as we’ve done in the past, we can get him the ball on the perimeter on screens and reverses.”  said Boras in Bonsignore’s article.

100 could be possible if he can average ten catches a game, but with a rookie quarterback taking the reins and a shaky offensive line, that could be a hard thing to do. Austin will be a focal point in the offense, but it seems far-fetched that he will eclipse the century mark in receiving totals. 100 touches seems far more likely than the 100 catches suggested by Fisher.

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