LA Rams making an impact on their community

Building a winning franchise is something done off the field as well as on it. The Rams organization, whether in St. Louis or Los Angeles, has been at the forefront of community-based operations by NFL teams and they're picking up in Inglewood where they left on in St. Louis. LA Rams Report contributor Matt Lowry scribes and Josh Webb breaks it down on video.

Article written by LA Rams Report contributor Matt Lowry (@MattALowry)

When the Rams moved back to Los Angeles, one of the things that they made clear was getting involved in the community. The Rams had made their presence known by getting out and making a positive impact in the L.A. community. 

Recently the Rams made their way to Woodworth Elementary School in Inglewood, California to build a new playground as a part of their community improvement project. This is an annual project where the Rams front office staff, cheerleaders, and players go out and construct playgrounds in the community. This is the eighth year the Rams are doing the project, but the very first done in Los Angeles. This year the front office staff and rookie players appeared at Woodworth to construct the playground as well as power wash the school and paint murals. 

The Rams staff closed their offices in Agoura Hills and headed towards Woodworth Elementary late Thursday morning to get to work on bringing the school a brand new playground. There they were met with equipment from Pacific Play Systems and Playcraft Systems as well as designers of the playground to supervise the construction. Through the day a playground was being constructed with much joy and excitement. Later on in the day the rookies arrived to Woodworth to help with the construction. Many of them never used tools before but to put a playground up was enough for them. Tight end Tyler Higbee spoke with KCAL 9 news in Los Angeles, who was on the scene, to share his thoughts on the construction. 

"People were building playgrounds where I’m from,” said Higbee on KCAL, “and now I’m in the position to help and build a playground myself instead of just playing in one.”

Getting out and giving back to the community is always a huge way to make yourself seen in a positive light and the Rams are making huge strides in doing just that. They’re doing everything they said they would do in the community and some. If you want the people to get behind the franchise, giving back to the community is a good start. So far the Rams are taking the right steps in Los Angeles.

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