Los Angeles Rams to feature on E! show called Hollywood & Football

The Los Angeles Rams were already doing HBO's Hard Knocks, but now several members of the team will feature in a new show called "Hollywood & Football" on E! Network. The show will premiere this fall, just in time for the start of the regular season.

These days it seems like everybody has a reality show and now six Los Angeles Rams players can add their name to the list with E! Network announcing they've greenlit a series called "Hollywood & Football" for the fall. The show will feature the on and off-the-field lives of Rams players and their families as they transition to the Los Angeles lifestyle. The show will be the second to feature the Rams after HBO's Hard Knocks, which airs in just a few weeks.

The players have already been selected. The featured players will be Kenny Britt, Rodger Saffold, Lance Kendricks, Chase Reynolds, Bradley Marquez, and Cory Harkey. Other Rams players and their families are sure to make appearances on the show, but the primary content will be focused on those six. E! is no stranger to mixing pro sports and reality drama, but only time will tell if male viewers take the bait. 

Regardless of who watches, the Rams have done a substantial amount of work to reconnect with the public following their move back. The organization likely understand that they have some fans to win back and shows like this allow people to connect with the personal side of players. Once people develop that personal connection with players, fandom usually follows. It stands to reason the Rams are hoping to parlay a few viewers into fans. 

The Rams have also done and continue to do an enormous amount of community service and charitable works since their return. This is likely to increase as the season draws closer. All of this stuff put together is aimed at winning back some of the lost fans and doing their part to build up the community. Exactly how much of an impact things like this will have, much like the number of male viewers watching "Hollywood & Football", will only be discovered with time. 

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