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Jeff Fisher believes an NFL team will move to London

With the NFL becoming further involved with playing games in England, Fisher envisions another franchise making the permanent move.

In the last few years, the idea of an NFL team relocating to London has become a more prominent topic of discussion around the league.

In fact, commissioner Rodger Goodell has made it a point to keep that conversation alive by scheduling at least three games in England for the third straight year. Goodell has also hinted that moving an NFL team to London may be a "realistic" possibility. In light of that, the Los Angeles Rams are set to take part in their first experience playing in Twickenham Stadium against the New York Giants on Sunday morning. 

All of this has further opened Rams head coach Jeff Fisher's mind to the thought that an NFL franchise could one day in the near future call London home.

“You know, the enthusiasm, the support is clearly here. There’s no doubt about that," Fisher said. "That’s a league issue – I know the league is looking really hard at it. I think it would be great for the National Football League if, at some point in the future, that were able to happen.”

Fisher isn't the only one to voice optimism at this premise eventually coming to fruition. Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown had stated at the NFL owners meeting back in March that he believed London would at some point get a team. Meanwhile, New England Patriots owner Robert Craft said during an interview with Pro Football Talk in late March that the league could have a team playing there by 2020. 

However, there a couple of kinks that Fisher believes still have to be worked out aside from deciding which team would make the move such as the terms of scheduling games. 

"I think what’s interesting about it is, and what happened a couple weeks ago, with respect to the scheduling, when Indianapolis decided not to have a bye, they requested not to have their bye following this trip," Fisher said. "So they came in here, they played well, they did not have a bye, they came back and they won. I think that’s interesting, from the league’s perspective. But again, that’s out of my world, but it’s a good point.” 

Obviously, it's all still a fluid situation but there is progress being with more around the league voicing a welcoming tone to this possible major change. With the Rams making the trekking back to Los Angeles, it has at least got the conversation started about a permanent move to London. 

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