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Eric Dickerson's feud with the Rams

Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson and Rams head coach Jeff Fisher are not seeing eye to eye right now.

The Rams move to Los Angeles hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. The team hasn’t been playing good football and currently sits with a 4-7 record which isn’t acceptable in a big market like Los Angeles. Right now the Rams find themselves in the news again, this time surrounding Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson. On Fox Sports radio Dickerson stated that he was no longer welcomed back to the sidelines of Rams games by someone in the Rams upper management.

“They don’t want me on the sidelines….” Dickerson said on his radio show. “Basically they don’t want me at the games, I was told this. They called me and told me this.”

Dickerson has been a vocal critic of the Rams since their move. But it seemed odd that the Rams would ban one of their all time greats for sharing his view of the team. After Dickerson’s comments, Rams executive vice president Kevin Demoff made a statement in regards to the situation in a series of Tweets.

So conflict settled right? Wrong. Later that Monday in an interview on the Jason Smith show, Eric Dickerson revealed that it was head coach Jeff Fisher who banned him from the sidelines. During the interview the Hall of Fame running back stated that he received a phone call from Jeff Fisher letting him know that he was not allowed on the sidelines.

“The players feel uncomfortable with you on the sidelines….” Dickerson said on the Jason Smith show. “As long as I’m head coach here, you can come to the games, but you’re not welcome on the sidelines. The players feel uncomfortable with it.”

Dickerson stated that he wasn’t the person to ask for handouts despite the request and that he wouldn’t back off his criticism of the team. Instead he has decided to stay away from Rams games.

“I said ‘you don’t ever have to worry about me ever coming to a game again,” Dickerson said. “I don’t want anybody feeling uncomfortable with me on the sidelines. I said, as long as you’re the head coach, you don’t ever have to worry about me coming to a Rams game again.”

As if the negatives couldn’t get any worse for Jeff Fisher, he now has one of the Rams greatest players staying away from games as long as he coaches the Rams. The Rams lousy play has fans already calling for a new head coach, but now with the news of his banning Eric Dickerson from the sidelines, those voices just got louder. Yes Eric Dickerson has been known to be very vocal about the Rams, however he has a point. He has the gold jacket and he accomplished a lot during his five seasons with the Los Angeles Rams. His comments should be the least of Jeff Fisher and the Rams worries. If the Rams do let go of Fisher it’ll be due to the team’s performance and likely won’t happen till the end of the season. We shall see if the Dickerson drama ends up being the straw that breaks the camels back for Fisher’s time in Los Angeles.

Matt Lowry is a journalism student at Santa Monica College. You can follow him on twitter @MattALowry

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