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Jeff Fisher believes bright future ahead of Rams

Following the announcement of his contract extension, Fisher firmly believes that the Rams are headed in the right direction.

A few hours prior to Sunday's 26-10 loss to the New England Patriots, it was revealed that the Los Angeles Rams had agreed to terms on a two-year contract extension with head coach Jeff Fisher

The new deal for Fisher had been reportedly hammered out before the start of the season, but the timing of the announcement came at an interesting point of the year. The Rams are the midst of some major struggles having now lost seven of their last eight games putting them well out of the playoff pictures for the fifth straight time in as many seasons that Fisher has been the head coach. 

Despite that, Fisher put a positive spin on the situation stating that he received strong support from the players in the locker room and even received a congratulatory text message from former Rams head coach Dick Vermeil. 

“Yes, yes I did. I’ll name one, and that’s Dick Vermeil," Fisher said. "I got a great text from Dick. He absolutely loves (Rams Owner/Chairman) Stan (Kroenke), and he said congratulations.”

The Rams have decided to keep on board a head coach whose next loss will give him 165 for his career tying Dan Reeves for the NFL record. In fact, he has yet to coach any Rams' team that has won more than seven games in the regular season and has finished with an above .500 record six times in his 20 years as an NFL head coach. That said, Fisher doesn't put too much weight into all of that, but rather views it as something that displays his longevity in the league. 

“No, I actually don’t look at that. I’ve had a few wins in my career, as well. I’ve also been able to be very, very fortunate and have a long career," Fisher said. "You can look at it as is the glass half full or half empty – I look at it as half full. I’m just honored that I still have an opportunity to coach in this league.”

Although there has been much push from the outside to see the Rams finally part ways with Fisher, the extension demonstrates otherwise that the organization has some level of faith in him to complete the rebuilding process that the team has continued to undergo with him as the head coach. In light of that, Fisher voiced that the team is still taking steps in the right direction. 

"We’re building this team, we’ve extended players, we’re building this team for the future, we’ve made a commitment to our young quarterback and he’s playing now," Fisher said. "In my opinion, I think there’s a lot of things to be excited about.”

With four more games left in the 2016 regular season, Fisher believes that the team has the ability to finish it out on a strong note.

"I feel good about it," Fisher said. "We get guys back in the lineup, Jared keeps progressing, we make appropriate adjustments offensively and score some points. I think our defense can bounce back. There’s a lot of pride in that locker room right now.”

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