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Falcons see some of Matt Ryan in Jared Goff

The Falcons head coach ascertained that there are some similarities between both of the former first round selections.

Los Angeles Rams rookie quarterback Jared Goff has another difficult challenge ahead of him in his fourth career start taking on the NFC South division-leading Atlanta Falcons.

In light of that, another opposing head coach had voiced much praise upon the 22-year-old despite his team's continued struggles dropping seven of their last eight games, including all three of his starts.

“What I can say is, number one, I like the athleticism, where he can get outside the pocket to go create. I saw strength in the arm on some of the deep balls, the touch to go underneath – those are the first things that jumped out to me," Falcons head coach Dan Quinn said. "To me, it kind of looks like they’re giving him the whole offense – just going against them through the years. It doesn’t seem there’s much that they wouldn’t hand to him and that shows a lot to how hard he’s working and his preparation to getting ready.”

Goff is coming off a disappointing performance against the New England Patriots completing just 14 of 32 passes for 161 yards, one touchdown, and a pair of interceptions. However, he has shown glimpses of promise through his limited action such as becoming the first Rams' quarterback to throw three touchdowns in the first half since 2010. He was also the first rookie in the NFL to throw three touchdown passes in their first career road start in the past 20 years. 

That said, the Rams' rookie quarterback for the third straight week has the tall task of facing one of the league's top quarterbacks with this week's matchup being against Matt Ryan. Despite a small sample size of games to draw from, Quinn believes Goff shares some comparison to the three-time Pro Bowler in one regard. 

“Both of them are very good competitors, I think that’s one of the things from Matt that people talk about a lot. He is a tough, stay-in-there, he’s going to let it rip and take the shot as a competitor," Quinn said. "And Goff, I know, has a lot of those same qualities. He singlehandedly got hot in some games through college and I saw that reason alone of why people want to say this is the dude to build it around.And you see that in the play now to say that they’ve really got something there.

"As far as comparing the two guys, that’s harder for me. But if it is about the competitiveness, then they’re comparing the right guy if they’re comparing him to Matt.”

On that same note, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher believes that the similarities between both quarterbacks are on a much larger scale. 

“Yeah, the arm strength, the accuracy, the vision," Fisher said. "You’ve seen mobility out of Jared over the last couple of weeks and Matt’s in great shape right now, he’s extending plays, especially when he sees man-to-man, he just takes off, gets the first down and keeps drives alive – so you can see that. Matt’s played a lot of years, won a lot of games. Twenty-seven touchdown passes and I think seven interceptions this year is quite impressive.”

Through his first nine seasons, Ryan has established himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the league. The 31-year-old holds numerous franchise records such as most career touchdown passes (229), wins (81), and passing yards (36,570). He has also thrown for more than 4,100 yards in each of the last five seasons and is on pace to do that again this year currently being projected to finish with career highs with 5,084 passing yards and 36 touchdown passes. 

This isn't the first time that the quarterbacks have been compared as NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah, who is a former scout for three different NFL teams, stated last March prior to the 2016 NFL Draft that Goff shares many of the same qualities that Ryan possesses. 

"You look at Matt Ryan, (he's) very, very tough inside the pocket. They're (both) not afraid to stare down a rush and deliver the football accurately, but also have enough athleticism and the quick feet to get outside, create and make some things happen," Jeremiah said on NFL Network's Path to the Draft, according to "Competitive, smart and tough. Those are the three words we described Matt Ryan with when he came out, and I would put the same three tags on Jared Goff."

What all of this does is further emphasize that the Rams have strong hope that the 2016 first overall pick can begin to amass a well-decorated career of his own that can lead the franchise back to relevancy in the NFL. 

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