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Rams players express guilt for Jeff Fisher firing

Following the announcement of Fisher's firing, several players voiced culpability for the move.

The Los Angeles Rams on Monday afternoon made the announcement the team had decided to part ways with head coach Jeff Fisher after almost five full seasons. 

In spite of that, many of the Rams' players felt that they shoulder much of the blame for the team's lack of success on the field which came to a head this season currently holding a 4-9 record, including losing eight of the last nine games. 

"I think that’s the first feeling you feel, especially with how Coach Fish is, and how much he loves each and every one of us. He really had a personal relationship with everybody on the team, so everybody has the same type of feeling towards him," rookie quarterback Jared Goff said. "There is a little bit of a guilt and a little bit of, ‘it’s on us.’ From top to bottom, honestly, from everybody – every position group, 1 thru (53), every coach, we all feel responsible and understand that we need to be better.”

Although Goff spent less than a year under Fisher, the 22-year-old voiced much appreciation for the opportunities that he received in his first campaign in the NFL. 

"I’d like to say I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity that he gave me and them doing what they did to get up to (No.) one (overall in the 2016 NFL Draft) and draft me," Goff said. " I’m sure I speak for a lot of guys on the team when I say I’m thankful for the opportunity that he gave them. Again, would have loved to do more with it, and would have loved for him to still be here, but unfortunately, it’s above our pay grade." 

There are several other players in the roster that spent many years with Fisher that go back to his days as the head coach of the Tennessee Titans such as defensive end William Hayes, who played eight of his nine NFL seasons under him. 

"It's unfortunate because the losses always get put onto the head coach, but the reality is we f---ed it up," Hayes said, according to "We messed up a real good situation. We didn't go out there and do what we needed to do. We were so inconsistent, and that's why he doesn't have a job."

Fisher had certainly garnered a great level of respect from his players over the years despite the team's continued struggles. This was something that wasn't lost on second-year offensive lineman Jamon Brown.

“He told us how he felt about letting us down, he apologized to us,” Brown said, according to the LA Times. “The vibe from the room was, we really should be apologizing to him, because we didn’t do everything that we needed to do to make sure something like this wouldn’t happen.”

The Rams will now hand the reigns over special teams coordinator John Fassel, who will act as the interim head coach for the last three games of the season beginning on Thursday night against the Seattle Seahawks

"I think the emotions are good. Sometimes maybe you say something you regret or it gets a little bit combative, but I always thought, just from a special teams perspective, that emotions are great and you have to find a way to corral them," Fassel said. "And I think, in this situation, every player on the team has the utmost respect for Coach Fisher and it has to be a little bit of a rallying cry.

"Obviously we’re not going to go to the playoffs, so what are we playing for – we’re playing because we love ball and we’re playing because we love Coach Fisher. To me, the emotions are a great thing. As long as we have that, we’ll find a way to use them to our advantage.”

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