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Todd Gurley remains firm on criticism regarding Rams' offense

The All-Pro running back has continued to stand behind his strong discontent with the Rams' offensive game plan.

Following the Los Angeles Rams' embarrassing 42-14 loss on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons, running back Todd Gurley took many by surprise with his outspoken stance regarding the state of the team's offense. 

Gurley unloaded his frustrations another disappointing result stating that the Rams "looked like a middle school offense" along with questioning the effort of his teammates on that side of the football. 

In light of that, the 22-year-old only further backed his strong belief on Tuesday while also not take too much stock into the impact that his words may have had. 

“I didn’t really look at it that way," Gurley said. "I didn’t care. Just speaking my mind, and speaking the truth of about how we looked.”

The Rams on Sunday afternoon committed five turnovers, which four of them led to touchdowns by the Falcons. They also became the first team to be down by that amount in a home game since the Denver Broncos trailed the Detroit Lions 45-3 in a 45-10 loss during the 2011 season. 

Los Angeles currently possesses the 32nd overall offense while averaging a league lows with 14.9 points and 286.9 total offensive yards per game. They have also posted fewer than 20 points in all but three contests this season, including 10 or fewer points on seven occasions. 

Gurley has been a huge part of that struggle in the running game posting just 740 rushing yards through the first 13 games of the season behind some porous play of the offensive line. He is currently 18th in the league in rushing yards, 38th in yards per attempt (3.3), and 22nd in rushing yards per game (56.9). Gurley has also failed to surpass 100 rushing yards in any game this season while posting fewer than 70 rushing yards in all but three times. 

This all proved to be the tipping point for Los Angeles to decide to fire head coach Jeff Fisher after nearly five seasons with the team. It marked their eighth loss in their last nine games, which has effectively eliminated them from the playoffs and 10th straight losing season. Despite that, the coaching change is still something that Gurley is trying to fully digest. 

“It was tough. It was tough on a lot of guys. Coach Fisher, he did a great job," Gurley said. "He brought everybody in. We loved him as a coach. We know a lot of other people didn’t. But, at the end of the day, we knew what he did for us. He brought us in. He’s the one who drafted me when nobody else believed in me. It definitely hit us hard, for sure.”

That said, Gurley has been encouraged by the way the team has responded on the practice field. He is hoping that his strong postgame comments can be taken seriously by his teammates to pick up their level of performance. 

“Yeah, it definitely should be taken to heart – the way we played," Gurley said. "Just way too many turnovers, way too many penalties, and we just can’t be doing that week after week.”

The Rams will have their first challenge without Fisher at the helm on Thursday night against the Seattle Seahawks

“We're going to definitely find out Thursday," Gurley said. "Just got to come out – it’s a short week. Thursday Night Football is coming up in about two days. Seattle is feeling the same way we were feeling. So, we just got to come with some energy.”

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