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Jeff Fisher still wants to coach in the NFL

Fisher has made it abundantly clear that he wants to continue his NFL coaching career.

It has been nearly two weeks since the Los Angeles Rams made the decision to fire head coach Jeff Fisher after nearly five years. 

During this time, Fisher has persistently expressed his desire to continue his NFL coaching career, which he once again made clear on Wednesday morning in an interview with ESPN LA 710's "Mornings With Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ."

“I still want to do it,” Fisher said, according to ESPN.com. “I love it, I’m passionate, I miss the players, I love the players. I’m a father to many of them. That’s the most disappointing thing. When all the dust settles, that’s the most disappointing thing, that I don’t get to go in the building to players that I absolutely love and trust.

“Good locker room, chemistry. We had a rough season. Other teams have had rough seasons. Just going to see if there’s another opportunity out there, and if not I’ll be fine.”

The Rams had hired Fisher as the head coach prior to the 2012 season following a difficult stretch where the team won three or fewer games in four out of the five previous campaigns. In response to that, he garnered just a record of 31-45-1 in nearly five full years with the team. He failed to amass more than seven wins in any season while finishing no greater than third in the standings in the NFC West. 

Los Angeles made the decision to fire Fisher following an embarrassing 42-14 home loss to the Atlanta Falcons, which marked the fifth straight losing season in as many years. It also tied him with Dan Reeves for the NFL record for most career losses (165). 

At the time of the firing, the Rams had also lost eight out of their last nine contests, which has eliminated them from the playoffs and marked their 10th straight losing season. This was a complete 180 from their strong start to the year that saw them win three of their first four games that placed them atop of the divisional standings.

It also came just eight days after various reports indicated that the Rams had agreed to a two-year extension with Fisher earlier in the summer. This deal had laid out an option for the second year of the contract. Even with all that in mind, Fisher understood why he was ultimately let go from his position. 

“I’m disappointed, but I didn’t win enough games,” Fisher said. “I get that part. I didn’t get to see this through. We were making strides. The move took a toll. It really took a toll on, I think, everybody, considering what we started doing back in January.”

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