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Rams’ Jared Goff encouraged by first practice going ‘smoothly'

The second-year quarterback is already impressed by the rate that the Rams are picking up the new offensive playbook.

Heading into offseason workouts, one of the biggest questions facing the Los Angeles Rams is the major adjustment to an entirely new offensive scheme under new head coach Sean McVay in his first year on the job. 

Much of this focus has been placed on the shoulders of quarterback Jared Goff, who is going into the summer with an NFL season now under his belt. With that in mind, Goff came away from the Rams' first official practice on Tuesday quite impressed on how quickly the team has picked the new playbook. 

“It went a lot better than, maybe, a lot of us thought it would," Goff said. "There weren’t many hiccups. You come out on the first day and you expect there to be some re-dos and some stuff you have to do over and talk about. For the most part, it went pretty smoothly and I was really, really happy about it.”

The 22-year-old also voiced much praise toward the new coaching staff in place for helping make the early stages of the implementation of the offense easier to mentally digest and understand the concepts. At the same time, Goff feels that having gone through his first season in the league has made a tremendous difference in his overall preparation.

“A lot. I went through a whole season. About this time last year, I was probably at home," Goff said. "Now I’m here, practicing, getting reps, getting ahead. Makes a big difference.”

Goff is hoping to build off a lackluster rookie campaign that saw him record 1,089 passing yards with a 54.6 completion percentage with five touchdown passes and seven interceptions, and holding a 22.2 quarterback rating. He also finished last in the league in yards per completion (5.31), second-worst total quarterback rating, and the fourth-lowest completion percentage. 

In light of that, the Rams have strung together several moves through free agency to provide Goff with more help such as signing former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Robert Woods to a five-year, $39 million deal. It hasn't taken long for the young quarterback to voice much excitement about his new offensive weapon in the passing game. 

“Yeah, he had a good day. I was happy, he had a really good day today," Goff said of Woods. "Ran some great routes and that’s expected. He’s a great player and expect a good year from him."

Along those same lines, Los Angeles has pieced together a coaching staff headed by McVay, offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur, and quarterbacks coach Greg Olson that can provide further guidance to Goff's development in his second year and possibly beyond that. 

“Yeah, it’s great. So far, it’s great. All three of them bring something to the table that’s different, "Goff said. "I think Sean is, ultimately, obviously the head coach, he’s going to have the final say on a lot of stuff. But Matt seems to be a pretty good extension of him and then ‘Olly’ as well, ‘Olly’ does a great job bringing a different insight, he has a lot of experience that the other guys might not have and can give some good insight.”

Ultimately, Goff's primary focus at this point in time appears to be on getting a much stronger familiarity with the playbook as the offseason rolls along. 

“I wanted to learn more and was texting them and trying to get as much information as I could," Goff said. "I felt like I did a good job so far, picking it up. Obviously, it’s a little bit rudimentary right now, what we’ve learned. There’s a long way to go and I feel happy with where we are right now.”

Bob Garcia IV is a staff writer of You can follow him at @bgarcia90 and us on Twitter at @LA_RamsReport.

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