Don't Count Price as a Missouri Commit.....YET

Ricky Price informed's Stacey Dean this past weekend at the state seven on seveon tournament he would likely make a verbal commitment while on a visit to Missouri later this week. We decided to hold back the news until the commitment was official, but then other media outlets decided to move forth with the news. chose the wise decision, though, as Price informs it is not 100% guaranteed he will become a Tiger.

It is always risky to announce a prospect committed before he has officially spoken with the coaching staff of that respective university. That is exactly the reason why we chose to sit back on the news of a possible commitment, and in addition, to ensure that Price did not receive any further pressuring from other schools in the long run damaging Missouri's recruiting efforts.

After word had leaked on another media outlet, I contacted Price to get the latest on the situation.

"I'm planning to make a verbal commitment to Missouri when I visit there on Thursday," said Price. "That is correct, but it is not 100% guaranteed that I will make the commitment."

What could possibly hold him back from making the commitment?

"Whether I receive an offer from Oklahoma State or not. Their coach is suppose to be evaluating my film this afternoon, and getting back to me."

Price's teammate, Andre Sexton, is already a Cowboy commitment, which could play in the favor of the Cowboys.

Hold on, though, as there is yet another Big 12 program that Price will consider if an offer comes through.

"Texas A&M spoke with my coaches after the seven on seven tournament this past weekend, and told them they liked me as a wide receiver. I'm not sure if an offer will be coming or not, but I would consider them as well if they decided to offer."

Price, who also holds offers from Vanderbilt, Kansas, Tulane, New Mexico State, Colorado State, and Houston, indicated he has no interest in any of those schools.

So if he does go forth in making the verbal commitment to Missouri, what are the reasons?

"Friends of my family attended school there, and they said it is a nice campus with nice facilities. I really like the coaching staff, and I told them last Friday that I was considering making a commitment while I was up there. Plus, my cousin plays running back for the Saint Louis Rams (Stephen Jackson)."

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