Rams Rookie Contracts

The numbers are in on the final four draft choices signed by the Rams. Here is the breakdown on those contracts:

RB Steven Jackson: 5 years, $7 million with $2.05 million paid now and a $1.95 million option bonus to be paid next year. His base salaries are $660,000 this year; $825,000 in 2005; $990,000 and in 2006, $1.155 million in 2007 and $832,500 in 2008.

However, the base salaries in 2005-07 will be reduced once the option bonus is paid next year. The 2005 salary decreases to $337,500; 2006 will be $502,500 and 2007 will be $667,500.

There is also an escalator in the deal that can increase his 2008 salary by as much as $1.5 million. Jackson will earn $250,000 for any year from 2004-07 in which he rushed for at least 1,000 yards. He can also earn another $125,000 for any year in which he rushes for at least 1,000 yards and makes the Pro Bowl. Jackson can also earn $200,000 this year if he rushes for 800 yards.

His cap figure for this year is $1.07 million because the $1.95 option bonus won't begin counting against the cap until next year.

The contracts of defensive end Anthony Hargrove, quarterback Jeff Smoker and tight end Erik Jensen are all three-year deals worth the minimum salaries ($230,000; $305,000 and $385,000 for a total of $920,000), plus a signing bonus.

Hargrove received a $442,000 bonus and counts $377,333 against the rookie pool. Smoker got $49,000 and counts $246,333, while Jensen received $27,000 and counts $239,000.

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