The Roving Ram #7

You've got to love Mike Martz's strategy these days. Bomb the Super Bowl, lose EVERY preseason game and then proceed to dump five games into the proverbial toilet, thereby weeding out the bandwagon and making a little more legroom for the True Blue, as I have officially dubbed them.

The Roving Ram #7
By Rams Nation's Brandon "Blankman" Cavanaugh

These are the men and women who watched Vince Ferragamo, Trent Green, Kurt Warner and to a lesser extent, Tony Banks don the colors of Ol' Saint Louie through thick and thin. Those who have painted their bodies with Navy and Gold and worn goofy-looking hats with stuffed horns affixed to them all in the name of team pride. Martz gave these folks first-class style seating on the way to five, yes that's right, five wins in a row. Suddenly a team that was 0-fer is now flirtin' with .500 and all this with kids who were 3rd stringers in the preseason. Not bad, MM.

- X Marcs The Spot

In his final start, at least for the moment, "The Mountaineer" Marc Bulger saddled up and put up numbers that reminded us of a young unknown called Kurt Warner. Marc's mission was clear in that, with Mr. MVP (pick which one I'm talking about) out, he must shoulder the responsibility and strike forth with great vengeance and furious anger ala Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield. Marc's Madness ain't nothin' but a thang, dud and it seemed like the 21-35 day for 347 yards, 2 TDs and a pick to round things out was just as effortless as his smile. Marc seems to enjoy the role of wideout occasionally as well, as he passed and caught the ball all in one play. Kid's got mad skills, yo. As for the so-called QB controversy, there is none, at least none that'll get leaked. Mr. Warner? I believe this chair belongs to you.

- We're In No Rush

With The Grand Marshall out of commission for the time being, the ground game probably wasn't all it is usually cracked up to be, but no matter. The Winged Crew of the Navy and Blue were ready to aid Miracle Marc in dialing up some solid stats for the yet another week and make the ankles of the Mindless of the Midway go snap, crackle and pop. Issac of Bruce netted 6 snags for 141, Ernie "Big Play" Conwell made his presence felt with 2 grabs for 69 yards, Torry "Big Game" Holt did his thang notching 4 tags for 54 yards and let's not forget Troy "1998" Edwards who continues to get into rhythm with 3 catches for 26 yards and Ricky "On The" Proehl with 2 snags for 15 yards and a TD. Lamar Gordon, while not lighting up the scoreboard between the tackles showed his skill at catching the ‘skin with 4 catches for 52 yards and a TD.

- Would You Like Paper Or Plastic?

Bears' Front Man Dick Jauron challenged his front five to individually get better and give QB Chris Chandler time to operate back in the pocket. So, basically what I'm getting from this is that Dick told his men to DO THEIR JOBS?! You gotta feel for the guy though, after watching his Pigskin Professor get more sandwiches fed to him than Delta Burke, frustration was apparent. After 5 sacks in the first quarter, the Bears front did stiffen up a bit allowing "only" 2 in the second, but you got the feeling the damage had been done.

- Two Minute Warning

A tighter contest than I'm sure a lot of us would've liked considering the chance was there to go up 14-0 early, but a win nevertheless. Just remember, the W-L column doesn't care about the size of the score, only what it eventually is and means in the end and this one puts Saint Louis back on even keel. 476 total yards on the evening ain't too shabby, though and as Double M makes sure the discipline returns promptly, the missed opportunities will turn into sizzling scores. So here we are, folks, .500, but don't think that's where it stops, oh no. These lads are intent on getting to San Diego and hosting the Lombardi Trophy high once more, but I'm getting ahead of myself and, as we all know in coach speak, we must take the season one game at a time, for indeed, if we slip, we may not recover in time to do something about it. Next up is Steve "Visor Boy" Superior…I mean Spurrier and the Washington Redskins and the start of a 3-game road trip. I expect the footballs to be flying and the action to be fierce. I also expect to see both Kurt and Marc get snaps next week. Who gets the bulk of them remains to be seen. Regardless, the ‘Skins are 4-6 and looking for retribution. Ask me if I'm scared. Saint Louis 28 Washington 16

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