Bulger Looks to Seattle

Rams quarterback Marc Bulger talked Wednesday about preparing to face Seattle, being sacked 10 times already, on what the team is doing to help get them into the red zone, about Dane Looker, and about Torry Holt's catch last Sunday.

Rams QB Marc Bulger
September 17, 2008

(On what the atmosphere is like around Russell Training Center this week)
"Not many guys were here yesterday, so we went about our business this morning and…so now you go back out on the field and get ready."

(On if there is more pressure on this week)
"No, we were asked that question last week; every week is a must-win. The first game was, last week was, this week will be if we win, next week will be. We don't approach any game differently in this division because it's a must-win every game, it's must win in the NFL."

(On how he is anticipating the weather and fans in Seattle)
Yeah, we've had decent weather since I've been here, I know that, but it's just noisy; they get going early in the game with the pregame ritual they do and the 12th man stands up there and whoever it is, it was (Seattle Mariners player) Ichiro Suzuki one year or they always have a guest and they thrive off that. If they can get up early it gets even louder and close games it's loud. We've had some great games up there and there was a playoff game and that time we came back and just every time we go up there it seems to get louder and louder."

(On if he notices that Seattle is the only stadium that keeps track of false starts)
"I've never noticed that, but it doesn't surprise me. I was watching, I got home to
watch the end of the San Fran game up there and you could barely hear the announcers that's how loud it got in overtime."

(On what he thinks WR Dane Looker brings to the table)
"He's consistent, he knows what he can do. There's plenty of guys that can run fast and have great athletic ability, but if you don't know what you're doing you're worthless. He knows every position not just ‘Z', he knows ‘X' he knows ‘Y' and he's just consistent and reliable and that's what we need right now on our team."

(On being sacked 10 times)
"Yeah, it's a lot of hits. We don't want to continue that so we try to get our running game going and open up passes and we've got to get in a rhythm to be balanced."

(On how he is doing)
"Yeah, a little sore, but I'm not injured."

(On how he feels about Seattle leading the league in sacks this year)
"Yeah, they're good up front, as usual. Kerney is one of the best. They've got a good linebacking corps and corners are good, so sometimes there's coverage sacks. I know San Fran threw the ball a ton last week and I know they got eight sacks or something like that so I think that's probably why they lead the league, but I don't want to take anything away from them. They're good and they've played together a long time."

(On if he felt like he was starting to get into a rhythm and what happened on his incomplete pass to WR Dane Looker)
"Yeah, that was a busted play; he wasn't even in the read. But we have to get in a better rhythm. We haven't been there in the two regular season games at all, so I think that it will be evident to you guys and to us if we get into that rhythm, but we just haven't hit it yet."

(On what they're practicing to help them get into the red zone)
"Just practice. I don't think I've ever had a situation where you work to get into the red zone. It's always you work on red zone or third down. I think Week 1 we had nine third-and-10 pluses and last week I think we had eight third-and-10 pluses and I think that gives you your answer right there. We have to do a better job on the first and second downs."

(On what he thinks he's doing well on and not so well)
"There's a lot of things I'm doing well and a lot of things I'm not. I'm not going to stay here and try to explain and I'm not going to get into that game."

(On he reacts to the media coverage surrounding the organization and what kind of effect can it have on the locker room)
"I think it affects guys different ways. I can't control that. There's a lot of things out of my control and I have to do my job. What happens with the ownership or upstairs it's out of your control, so you have to prepare, get the gameplan you have, study Seattle, and try not to get too caught up how bad things are right now. You just have to keep grinding and find a way to get out of this hole."

(On if he puts his head down and keeps going)
"Keep your head up and keep going."

(On P Donnie Jones' performance after his knee injury)
"He grinded through that knee injury last week and punted the ball well. He's been banged up and I know (WR) Keenan's (Burton) banged up, so I think it's just one of those deals where young guys in this league usually didn't have to play through the season, they're not used to playing such a long season, so hopefully these are the end of the injuries for those guys and they can come contribute, but (WR) Donnie's (Avery) going to give us a spark. He still has a lot to learn with the offense, so we'll have to pick and choose when we put him in there, but I think he'll provide some speed that we need."

(On if he sees anything in the Seattle's secondary that they can take advantage of)
"There's things every week. It's just a matter of doing it. I watched that game on Monday and I know exactly what Dallas did with that long touchdown. The corners were sitting on their guys a little bit on a couple routes…certainly there's things that we see that unless we can do them it doesn't matter."

(On if it complicates the offense when they rotate all the WRs)
"It does, but again, there's not need to get into excuse making, we just have to do better job and make plays."

(On if he thinks WR Torry Holt's catch turned things around for the team last Sunday)
"It did for that couple minutes. We were looking for a spark and Torry provided it and (LB) Chris Draft went down and did the same so we had some momentum going and then they kind of took the game over. We have to put a quarter or two quarters together before I think you'll know that things are turned around, it can't just be one play."

(On if Seattle blitzes much)
"Yeah, we considered blitzes from the secondary and they don't do a ton of that, but they ‘dog' a lot with the linebackers. They do a lot of that. They stunt a lot. They're front four is good, they get in there, (MLB) Lofa (Tatupu), (OLB) (Julian) Peterson, he's pretty much a down lineman at linebacker so he won't necessarily have to blitz, but they do a lot of ‘dog'."


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