Long, Avery, and Looker Prep for Seattle

Rams players Chris Long, Donnie Avery, and Dane Looker talked Wednesday about the season so far, what they expect from Seattle, and on changing the direction of the team.

DE Chris Long
September 17, 2008

(On his preparation for this Sunday's game in Seattle)
"I just come out and practice as hard as I can. At this point in my career, you do a lot of game-planning, but also you need to focus on yourself. I'm just going to prepare the same way I have thus far and I'm excited to go play there."

(On getting his first career sack against the Giants)
"It was cool to get that monkey off my back. Now people will start giving me a chance saying I might be a good player. All of a sudden, he gets a sack. He's going to be okay. That's the way things go. It takes a little pressure off, I guess. I just try to help the defense out."



WR Donnie Avery
September 17, 2008

(On how tough the transition is from college to the NFL)
"OTAs and mini camps really play a big part in that as far as knowing the playbook and stuff like that. Now it is just about running the plays and having fun with what you do."

(On what he expects from Seattle)
"I asked the guys and they said Seattle is a hectic stadium but at the same time it is about studying film and just studying your opponent and just going out there and just playing."

(On what he will be able to do in the game)
"They are changing some things up a little bit and me and (WR) Torry (Holt) will be on the field at the same time some plays and stuff like that so we are just going to go out there and just do it."

(On if he feels comfortable playing either WR position)
"Oh yeah, it is just about going out there because they are just calling the same play."



WR Dane Looker
September 17, 2008

(On his words to his teammates in the locker room after the New York Giants game on Sunday)
"I'm not the guy who steps up vocally that often, but I just wanted to let our team know that we're good enough. We don't need to accept losing. Just because you're 0-2, doesn't mean it has to turn into 0-8 like it did last year. I wanted to try and nip that in the bud as a soon as I could and as soon as we can as a team. This league is funny. When you get momentum going in the right direction, you do well, and when you get it in the wrong direction, you seem to slide. We can't have that happen. We need this win very badly. We're going to go out there and give it everything we've got; 0-2 isn't the end of the world, it's a long season."

(On if that is what he was trying to convey to the team)
"You always have to believe that you're going to win and you always have to believe that you can turn things around. Once you get down in the dumps as a team, people feed off that and it goes in the wrong direction. I don't want that to happen."

(On what can change that direction)
"I think you saw it in that game last week. We weren't doing really well offensively or defensively and Torry (Holt) stepped up and made a big play. You could just feel the energy in the stadium turn in our favor. Then Chris Draft went down there and made a great tackle inside the 20 (yard line) on the kickoff team. The buzz in the stadium, you could just feel the energy going in our favor. That'll change things in one wink. You can do that in a season. One play can do it in a game, but one great win and one great effort can do that in a season."

(On Rams Owner Chip Rosenbloom putting the organization on notice)
"I feel the onus is on the players. Coaching can do everything they can. They're here until two o'clock in the morning doing what they can to put us in position to win games and (Head) Coach (Scott) Linehan is doing everything he can in his power to make sure we put the best product on the field. I'll never hold a coach responsible for anything I do on the field. If we can't win, we have to figure out ways that we can win. That's making plays on the field and I think it's unjust that a coach would ever get credit for the way a team performs."

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