Holt Press Conference Friday

Rams wide receiver Torry Holt talked Friday on how he stays focused with the "madness" surrounding the team, how he feels about the quarterback change, on if he thinks there will be a higher energy level playing at home with Trent Green, and on playing Buffalo.

WR Torry Holt
September 26, 2008

(On if he is looking forward to this week's game against the Buffalo Bills)
"I am, I am looking forward to playing this week's game against the Bills. It will give us a platform to escape this madness that is going on. It is another week to go out there and see what we have and put something together for four quarters and come out of there with a win."

(On how he stays focus with the "madness" surrounding the team)
"Just focus on your job and do what you have to do. We still have a responsibility and that is to play the game. That is one thing about the game, you can get away from what is going on and go out and play the game that we all have loved to play since we were youngsters and that is football. That is what I am looking forward to, is going out and playing and having a good time going against some really good competition, some young competition, to see how you stand as a football player and ultimately help this football team get our first win."

(On how he feels about the quarterback change)
"You know I was shocked, I was really shocked. First and for most, I went up to (QB) Marc (Bulger) and I immediately apologized to him as a receiver and for our receiving group and for our offense, for not making enough plays to give him an opportunity to stay on the football field with us as we move forward in the fourth week. But totally shocked, that was a decision that they made upstairs, they felt it was best for our football team and you have to move forward, but it could have been any of us, it could have been anyone of us, it could have been me that they benched or like the (CB) Fahkir (Brown's) situation. I look at it as a situation to try to keep my stuff together and go out and play and prepare and work and keep myself a job. Go out with my teammates, the guys that are out there on the field, and try to put it all together and ultimately try to get a win."

(On how he feels about the quarterback change)
"I'll keep those thoughts to myself and just go ahead and move forward with what we have. (QB) Trent (Green) is the quarterback for Sunday and we have (DE) L (Leonard Little) back, so let's talk about some of the positives that's going on. We have L back and coach did a good job of lightening things up for us and keeping us fresh to allow us to go out on Sunday and hopefully be fresh and play at a ‘Max Q" level for four quarters. I'm going to talk about the positive things that happened this week and hopefully we can go out and in return for the things that he's done for us this week as far as lightening the load a little bit, trying to go out and get a win."

(On if he thinks there will be a higher energy level playing at home with QB Trent Green)
"Well, we'll see. I think it will be a different energy level period for the simple fact that we haven't won a football game and then we're back and we played well at home against the Giants the energy was incredible and the crowd was into it, we gave them something to be into. Hopefully we can start out real early getting the crowd excited, making a lot of plays early, keeping the crowd intense and involved in what it is that we're doing. And then at the same time Trent is dropping back, he's seeing the lanes, he's throwing the ball completing it and we're catching it, we're doing some things, (RB) Steven (Jackson) is running, the offensive line is flying around. We have to, as a team, we have to initiate that spark and then let everybody else come along with us."

(On if Buffalo seems tough though they're not star-studded)
"They are tough. I've said this the last couple days, I said it when I was on the Buffalo conference call, I said it when I was talking to CBS for the game, I said Tennessee and Buffalo are two of the toughest young football teams in the NFL right now. They're 3-0, they're confident, when you look at them on field they're confident, they play well together as a defensive unit and they're going to challenge us. They're going to get up in your face and they're going to hit you the mouth, so we have to be ready for that. We have to try to come out and match their intensity for four quarters. We should fresh and we should be ready and we should be excited being at home to go out and contest that for four quarters."

(On if practices this week were a little lighter)
"Yeah, I think the amount of plays were cut in half and most importantly the energy level and lightness and how everybody responded to it with all this going on, but the lightness and the excitement and the joking and I don't know if you want to say carefree attitude, but just it's a little bit more relaxed, I mean guys were more relaxed. And you would think with what happened guys you would think guys be a little bit tighter…you could be walking on eggshells, but I think for the most part everybody was kind of cool, but about their business and about the preparation to get ready for the Bills. I thought that was really encouraging for our football team."

(On the situation and this still being a football game)
"It still is football. That's the approach that I'm taking, speaking for me personally, and I think that's the approach that a lot of guys are taking. It was more like that could have been me, let me get my stuff together, but at the same time, let me have fun, football is fun, let me prepare, let me focus when I'm in between the lines, but at the same, I'm going to relax and have a good time. That's the way you have to approach it. If you're tight and you're all wound up, you're not going to do anything out there on Sunday. You're going to be looking over your shoulder, you're going to wonder if this is the play you're going to get pulled out. Just relax, have fun and go out and play. From what I've learned in the past, when we were loose and excited and prepared well, we played well. I'm hoping that will carry over on Sunday."

(On if sometimes individual players try to do too much)
"That's going to always be the case, where as an individual player, you always feel like you have to do more. That's fine, but at the same, you have to keep everything within the content of the offensive scheme, the defensive scheme and the special teams scheme. At the same, have fun, know what you're doing, don't try to do too much, rely on your teammates. Like coach has been saying all week, do your job and go out and have fun and we'll see how it all falls."

(On starting fast and how to spark that fast start)
"You have to be conscious of that. Whether we kick it off and somebody goes down and knocks the crap out of somebody and the ball pops out, or they kick it off to us and we block it up just right and Dante (Hall) sees the lane and he hits it and goes down for a score. Those are the things we're going to have to do. Whether it be kickoff or return, somebody has to initiate something right away. If that doesn't happen and the defense gets on the field, we need to get a three-and-out and a sack or a pick or a fumble and then we have to get it as an offense and take it down and get a score, whether it's a long run, a long bomb to (Donnie) Avery. Somebody has to get something going to get some energy going in the building to help us out as we go four quarters."

(On if QB Trent Green's style is that much different than Marc Bulger's with respect to throwing the ball)
"Not really. Marc and Trent are probably are two of the coolest cats in the National Football League. Trent has been around the block a few times. He's poised and knows the offense like the back of his hand. He has a good rapport with everybody on the offensive unit. The guys trust him and his presence in the huddle is felt. I would say we have two good quarterbacks. Three good quarterbacks with Brock (Berlin) in our system and this week we chose to go with Trent and we're going to see how it goes and have some fun."


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