Little: Going to Lay Everything on Line

Rams defensive end Leonard Little talked Tuesday about the new regime under Head Coach Jim Haslett, on the difference between how Haslett and Scott Linehan run practice, and on what he knows about new defensive coordinator Rick Venturi.

DE Leonard Little
September 30, 2008

(On the new regime under Head Coach Jim Haslett)
"We have been around him for the past few years on defense, so it's nothing new for us because he is what he is. I guess the offense has to get use to him, get use to his philosophy. We're basically use to him on defense."

(On his message to the team)
"It's a pretty good mix. We're going to play hard, we're going to have fun and we're going to lay everything on the line each week. That's what he teaches us on defense and hopefully it carries over to the whole team and we get some wins."

(On how hard it will be to establish relationships with players and mend the problems in the locker room)
"With him, he had a relationship with everybody anyway so it won't be that hard, because he's been around for the past two or three years. He has a relationship with most all of the players. It's not even really hard for him not to have a relationship with a player on this team. It won't be that hard for him."

(On the difference between how Coach Jim Haslett and Coach Scott Linehan run practice)
"There is no difference. We know as a team that we have to come out and have energy and play fast. We took it upon ourselves to run to the ball on defense and finish on offense and that's our philosophy right now and it's going to stay that way."

(On if Coach Haslett is more fiery than Coach Linehan)
"I don't like comparing the two. If you guys want to ask me about Coach (Scott) Linehan and (Coach Jim) Haslett and the difference, I'm not going to answer that because everyone has their own coaching style and everyone has their own thing to say. It's not for me to judge either one of those guys."

(On what he knows about new defensive coordinator Rick Venturi)
"He's a coordinator. He does have a say in our game-plan and what we do on defense. On defense, it's really that same for us because (Coach) Rick (Venturi) and ‘Has' (Head Coach Jim Haslett) worked together as two to help us with a defensive plan and help us get prepared on defense. It's basically the same with defense. (Coach) Rick (Venturi) is running the show, he's making all of the calls now, but it's basically the same thing that Coach (Jim) Haslett did. It's the same thing."

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