Bulger Previews Redskins

Rams quarterback Marc Bulger talked Wednesday about how important it is to get the ball in play makers hands, on what Coach Jim Haslett brings to the offense, on how big Sunday's game is against the Redskins, and if he has a different relationship with Coach Jim Haslett than he did with Coach

QB Marc Bulger
October 8, 2008

(On how important it is to get the ball in play makers hands)
"Yeah we did some of that two weeks ago, getting (WR) Donnie (Avery) active and getting him plays. With younger guys like that, you have to design plays for them because if you just go in with the whole game plan, they may know later in their careers, how it may look like you are back side but you are the main receiver. They don't understand that concept yet, but (WR) Torry (Holt) will get the ball, Donnie will certainly get the ball and (RB) Steven (Jackson) will get the ball. Losing (TE) Randy (McMichael) is going to hurt but we want to spread it out. If we could get it to seven different guys that will certainly be a good thing."

(On what head coach Jim Haslett brings to the offense)
"I think from a philosophy stand point, he is telling us we want to protect the ball and run the ball, get our run game going and get a lead. He is not getting into the X's and O's and things like that."

(On how big Sunday's game is against the Washington Redskins)
"It is big but they are all big. Playing a great team like that, in the best division in football, on the road, it is going to be tough but we will see where we are at. If we can somehow go in there and win and turn things around but it is not going to be easy."

(On having the bye week in week 5)
"It was good timing. Ideally, if you are playing well, you want it in the middle of the season but I think, with the way things have started, it probably came at the perfect time."

(On if head coach Jim Haslett has been in the offensive meetings)
"He may have been but I am in the front and you don't want to turn around when (Offensive coordinator) Al (Saunders) is speaking. But he has not been in the quarterback meetings; he may have been in the offensive meeting. Next time I will turn around and check for you."

(On if practice has change since Jim Haslett has become head coach)
"He has pushed our offense more to get in the huddle. I think that coach (Scott) Linehan, understood with some of  the verbiage and head communication things but he wants it crisps, he wants us to be on time with our periods and keep our rhythm going. So from that aspect there has been but it has not been a whole sale change."

(On if he has a different relationship with Coach Jim Haslett than he did with Coach Scott Linehan)
"He's a defensive head coach and Coach Linehan was offensive, so he can be more macro and Coach Linehan was more micro, because he understood the offensive terminology. He says, ‘don't turn the ball over and check the ball down.' There's a logic to it and he understands that, but like I said, he's just more from a bigger perspective."

(On the Redskins containing Cowboys RB Marion Barber and Eagles RB Brian Westbrook and on how the Rams can do what those teams couldn't with RB Steven Jackson)
"I just told the Washington media, on film there are so many things you think you can do and on paper we should be able to run the ball, we should be able to throw it. Then you get into a game and their guys make plays. Like Coach (Jim) Haslett says, don't turn the ball over and it's really important this week. The time of possession has been really lopsided every time they have played. The offenses just haven't had the ball a lot. When we get the ball, we have to make first downs and keep our defense off the field. I don't want to oversimplify it, but we can't just sit there and let them go for 12-play drives and we go three-and-out. That's not going to work and it will get ugly if we do."

(On the Redskins being so good with having the turnover margin in their favor)
"Their one safety (Chris Horton) has three picks, which is pretty good for the first four or five games. You can't go into a game worried about turning the ball over. If we make a mistake, we just have to move on, we can't sit there and worry about it. You can't go into a good team like that and turn the ball over and give them a short field and expect to win."

(On what the biggest challenges are defensively)
"They're really, really complicated. Everyone does things. (LB) London (Fletcher), he was here and everyone knows that energy he brings. Their corners are playing well. Their young guys, for being a first or second year guy and a rookie, they are playing well beyond their years. They are playing with that confidence that we are looking for. Cover one, cover two, they play some man and any time you have the confidence to play man, you know you are pretty good at the corners."

(On seeing what the Redskins did with a first time head coach and if thinks that with the coaching change that the Rams can do that same thing)
"I haven't thought about that. We have a lot of fish to fry here, so I just concentrate on what we do. He's (Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn) done a heck of a job. To go win in that division, to win in Philly, to beat Dallas, it's a good football team."

(On TE Joe Klopfenstein's adjustment back into a starting role)
"Joe, the good thing is that he was our starter for, I think, 15 games a couple of years ago, so it won't be too big for him. It's a shame for Randy (McMichael) who was having a great year and I think we were going to get him more and more involved, but like I said, Joe has been there. I think he has learned a lot, he's taking a ton of reps right now. We are a little low on our tight ends, but we can't change our offense now, it's in, so he's going to be a big part of it."

(On him and TE Anthony Becht renewing their West Virginia Mountaineer days)
"I didn't throw the ball to the tight end there, but I'm confident."

(On Becht saying he was Bulger's favorite target at West Virginia)
"You have to check the stats on that one. He was a first round pick though."

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