Jackson: Starting Over after Bye Week

Rams running back Steven Jackson talked Thursday about if he feels the team is starting over after the bye week, on what he thinks of Washington, and on what he thinks of the season so far.

RB Steven Jackson
October 9, 2008

(On how he feels about the emphasis the offense has on getting playmakers the ball)
"I am just going to take it day-to-day. It is one of those things where you hope that the game stays close enough that we can utilize all of our playmakers and allow for (WR) Torry Holt, (WR) Donnie Avery, and anybody else that is able to make big plays touch the ball."

(On if he feels that the team is starting over after the bye week)
"That is definitely the mindset. We talk about breaking the season down into four quarters. We are down one quarter and it did not fair well. We are looking at this next month and come out trying to get back to .500 in our season. Lucky enough that the guys who are leading in our division are not too far ahead of us. If we can get things rolling, get guys to play to their capabilities, I think we will be fine."

(On if the team looks ahead at the different opponents coming up)
"Me personally, I don't know about everybody else, I look at it week-to-week. I think, with this new season, you see teams that you thought would be easy later in our schedule that are not going to be easy. We have a team that is red hot this week and are now on a four-game winning streak and we have to take care of them. If you take your mind off them and look ahead it is not going to farewell for us. We definitely have to go into a hostile territory and play well."

(On what he sees in Washington Redskins' LB London Fletcher)
"He is a high energy guy and they allow him to run sideline-to-sideline and make a lot of tackles. So (LB) London (Fletcher) is definitely a guy that I have to account for. Me personally, I have to make sure I know where he is at on the field at all times, even when running or passing. He is one of their playmakers on defense and I definitely have to be tuned in to where he is at."

(On what he thinks of the Washington Redskins)
"They are a NFC East team that is pretty good right now."

(On if there is more time for the offense to get to know Coach Jim Haslett now that he is the head coach)
"He's been here now going on his third season and this is the most I've really had a chance to see him, be around him. It's new but at the same time, he's making sure that, like he said, that we run the ball for four quarters, we get our guys on offense the ball throughout the game and not just in spurts or in halves."

(On if he feels that this is the freshest he has been this year especially coming off the bye week)
"I'm fine. You are never as fresh as you are coming into a season, but I feel good going into this week. That bye did very well for me personally."

(On working under offensive coordinator Al Saunders and him being relentlessly positive)
"He's very positive. Coach (Al) Saunders made sure that we don't dwell on the things that we're doing badly and he also points out things that, how close we are to being a 30-point, 35-point, 28-points-a-game team. I really like him. I really like dealing with him, but the thing I like most about him is that he makes sure that he continues to make us chase a carrot. He always gives you a goal to shoot for."

(On even though he is second in the league in yards from scrimmage if he thinks he's flying under the radar)
"I'm actually disappointed in my own performance right now. To be No. 2 I think is lucky. Once we get on a roll, my offensive line is doing a great job, especially the last two games and I need to help them out more to put up bigger yards on the ground. Once we get that going, I don't think we'll be flying under the radar. I'm really disappointed in my first four games and I'm really going to come out really strong these last 12."

(On what specifically he is disappointed in)
"I just think it's carries that I leave some yards on the field. It's not one specific thing, it's just when you go back and look at it Monday morning, you're like, ‘ah man I could have probably gotten five more yards on that.'"

(On what he thinks of his receiving so far this season)
"You know what, Coach (Al) Saunders does a great job of allowing me to line up as receiver, split me out in the backfield and different looks for the defense that I haven't done, I guess, since I've been here. I'm definitely on track in receiving, but I am a running back so I love those running yards as well."

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