Pittman, Minor, & Carriker Talk Friday

Rams running back Antonio Pittman talked about being prepared to play Sunday if Steven Jackson is out, Travis Minor talked about if the Rams will use a running back by committee if Jackson can't play, and defensive tackle Adam Carriker talked about how his ankle feels and how it felt to practice today.

RB Antonio Pittman
October 24, 2008

(On what the big thing for him to work on this week was)
"I would say timing that was the biggest thing just getting back there, getting the feel for things and just getting in the groove again."

(On what he sees out of the New England defense)
"This is the same team from years ago that dominated the NFL the last four or five years. I'm going to play hard, the guys up front with (DL) (Vince) Wilfork and Seymour they're going to give it their all every play and you have (LB) (Mike) Vrabel and (S) (Brandon) Merriweather stepping in, (S) (Rodney) Harrison going down and it's just going to be a smashmouth game."

(On being prepared to play Sunday)
"I think I'll be ready. I think the biggest thing was just getting the timing down. I feel as if practicing last week and having a strong week this week I think I'm ready, I believe I'm ready."



RB Travis Minor
October 24, 2008

(On getting more reps in practice this week)
"Believe it or not, I get a lot of reps when everything is normal and (RB) Steven (Jackson) is in there. We get some work in and coaches talk about guys being ready whenever they get the opportunity, so mentally, as far as knowing what to do, this week hasn't been much different."

(On if the Rams will use a running back by committee approach if RB Steven Jackson cannot play)
"I have know idea how it is going to be. I am approaching it like I always do, I am on all the special teams and whenever coaches call my number to get in there. I am going to be prepared. Nobody knows how the game is going to go, (RB) Steven (Jackson) maybe fine. (RB) (Antonio) Pittman may have a great start, you never know. You just have to be prepared for whenever you get in there."

(On if he plans on playing all of special teams)
"That is how I am approaching it. That is how I approach it all the time."



DT Adam Carriker
October 24, 2008

(On how his ankle feels)
"It is alright. We will see on Sunday. We will just see how it goes."

(On how his rehab has been going this week)
"I have been getting treatment like crazy. Other than that, just doing a little strengthening here and there. But I am just trying to let it recover and get healthy."

(On why he was able to practice today)
"We wanted to see how it felt with extra taping and stuff like that. Just to see how it felt."

(On how it felt to practice today)
"It felt alright. Obviously, it is what it is. We will see on Sunday."

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