Tinoisamoa; Little on Facing Old Friends

Rams linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa talked Wednesday about what he misses about Mike Martz and Isaac Bruce and what he is going to say to Bruce if he tackles him Sunday. Rams defensive end Leonard Little talked Wednesday about the team taking a step back in run defense after a good showing against the New England Patriots and on tackling Bruce.

LB Pisa Tinoisamoa
November 12, 2008

(On what he misses about 49ers offensive coordinator Mike Martz and 49ers WR Isaac Bruce)
"With Mike (Martz), probably just all of the madness that Mike (Martz) brought with him between the media, having all of the coaches and stuff. It was Mike (Martz), very intense Mike (Martz). With ‘Ike' (Isaac Bruce), he has great leadership, a great personality, a great person to have in our locker room."

(On what he appreciates about them)
"What I appreciate about them is what Isaac (Bruce) brings. Isaac (Bruce) is still running great routes and I don't know what his statistics are looking like right now, but he's still a force to be reckoned with. I'm just glad that I don't have to cover him. With Mike Martz, you never know what you're going to get with his offensive side. He could run a play that… he just makes up plays. It's weird, but he definitely has a skill at drawing up plays."

(On what he is going to say to 49ers WR Isaac Bruce if he has the opportunity to tackle him)
"I want to actually hit him pretty well. Seriously, I do. I want to hit him pretty well. I know he's going to come out and going to try to prove something and we don't want that. It'll be good to see him do well, but not against us, definitely. So when I hit him, I'm not going to say anything, because I want to hit him again and hit him again and I'll say something to him after the game."



DE Leonard Little
November 12, 2008

(On taking a step back in run defense after a good showing against the New England Patriots and how they can get back to that)
"It's all mental. There wasn't anything physical that they did to us. It was all mental stuff by us. When you give a team like that the breaks that we gave them in the run game, and stuff like that, it makes it hard for us to rush the passer because we are always thinking about the run. Hopefully, this week, we can hold down the run a little bit. They have a great back over there, Frank Gore. We'll try to control him a little bit, but hopefully we can get past our mental stuff that we did last week."

(On if it is hard to get past that)
"It's not hard because you know you have to move on to a different opponent. Right now, the past is in the past. The game last week is in the past and we are focused on San Francisco now and focused on trying to win the game."

(On tackling 49ers WR Isaac Bruce)
"I have to tackle him. That's the way I see it. I have to tackle him either way it goes. If I get a chance to tackle him, I don't if I will because he plays the receiver position, but I'm still going to try and tackle him. He's one of our former teammates and a Hall of Fame player. Hopefully, he goes to the Hall of Fame. He's a great guy, but we have to bring him down if we have a chance to bring him down."

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