Bulger Keeping Fingers Crossed for Jackson

Rams quarterback Marc Bulger talked Wednesday about playing against Isaac Bruce, on how Mike Martz helped him develop into a quarterback, on last week's game against the Jets, on if he expected to start this week, on how Steven Jackson looked in practice today, on if he is healthy, and on the 49ers vs. Rams rivalry.

QB Marc Bulger
November 12, 2008

(On playing against WR Isaac Bruce)
"It is going to be different. It was weird watching him on Monday with number 88. I always picture him with 80 and the ram horns. Once you see him run, I work with him so much, that stride you can recognize."

(On what he appreciated the most about WR Isaac Bruce)
"Just the way he came to work everyday. When you were on the practice field, he went 100-mph. He had one of those gifts; he was able to get out of breaks without breaking stride. You took it for granted when he was here and you miss seeing that every once in awhile."

(On how Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz helped him develop into a quarterback)
"I owe a lot to (Offensive Coordinator) Mike (Martz). He taught me how to play quarterback in this league. It was fun watching him even when he was in Detroit. It is kind of one of those deals where you have a great amount of respect for both of them. This week we want to beat them but it is fun watching both of those guys operate."

(On dealing with Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz during bad times)
"It was tough but it is one of those things when you look back and see what he was trying to do to you, it is easier to talk about now. You can sit back and realize how great he is and how good he is at what he does. I don't know if I want to go through that learning curve again but he is pretty good at what he does."

(On last week's game against the New York Jets)
"We put it to rest.  We had a meeting on Monday and Coach (Jim) Haslett was upset with us but he told us that we have to move on. We can't sit here and dwell on it. Obviously, it is one of those games that is tough to get rid of but we have no choice right now. Both of our teams are struggling right now and we desperately need a win like they do. Hopefully we can go out and get it this week."

(On if he expected to start at quarterback this week)
"I did not think anything different. Like I said, if I have to throw it more or less or if we decide to go with (QB) Trent (Green), whatever we need to win right now I am on board. We are tired of losing and we want to turn it around so whatever it takes."

(On what is the difference in the games that the St. Louis Rams win rather than the ones they loss)
"I don't know. I think the snowball started rolling and obviously turning the ball over didn't help. We have to do a better job with that. You hate to make excuses but our best player, that shows how much of a difference he can make. It dictates coverage's and we should be able to overcome it but we are not a good enough football team to overcome that many things. We maybe can get away with one or two things but when we make that many mistakes as we did, we are not good enough all around to beat teams like that."

(On how RB Steven Jackson looked in practice today)
"He looked well. We are keeping our fingers crossed. I don't want to say that he is 100-percent because only he will know. I don't know if he opened it up or not. There is a difference between practice and game speed. We will keep our fingers crossed until Friday or Saturday."

(On the difference between dealing with veteran wide receivers versus young wide receivers)
"When you work with two wide receivers for years and years and years you get into a rhythm with them. Not to take it for granted because it is hard work to keep doing that. I am starting to develop good chemistry with the other guys and we just have to get better on game days. It will come and I know young guys are learning. I am learning what they do and when they get out of breaks. I think we will benefit from these struggles right now."

(On if WR Torry Holt and WR Isaac Bruce will go down in history as one of the best wide receiver duos)
"I think so. Twenty years from now people will say "The Greatest Show on Turf" and everyone will be able to spit out the names. You can't always do that. When they were going, it was special to be a part of some of those records those guys set. I am just happy to be able to play with those guys for a couple years."

(On the San Francisco 49ers vs. St. Louis Rams rivalry)
"I know when (Offensive Coordinator) Mike Martz was here it was a big deal to him, he instilled in the guys that were here that we hated San Francisco. It is kind of awkward seeing him coaching San Francisco now but we are desperate teams now. Watching San Francisco on Monday night, they laid it on the line and obviously we played terrible. If we play like we did and they play like they did, we are in trouble. I think we will come out and play a lot faster and have a lot less mistakes. Try to take care of the ball but it is going to be a dog fight because they have lost six in a row and we are on a three game slide. Anytime we play them it is a big game but especially this week."

(On if Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz is telling the 49ers to hate the St. Louis Rams)
"Might be. He knows a lot of players here. He knows what we do well and things that we don't. I know he will have a good game plan for our defense. It is going to be tough."

(On if he is healthy)
"I am fine. At this point in the season, unless it is a really bad contusion or a bone bruise, your body is use to getting hit. I have reached that point."

(On the San Francisco 49ers defense)
"They run a 3-4. They bring their corners and they are playing good against the run. They were struggling against the run earlier but they have shut down the run. Their linebackers are good and they have (CB) (Nate) Clemens and they are all around a good team. As far as the corners and safeties, they do a lot of what the (New York) Jets did last week."

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