Incognito: "Not Trying to Take Shot at Fans"

Rams guard Richie Incognito talked Friday about his comments towards St. Louis Rams fans yesterday, on if he is retracting his comments yesterday, and on the atmosphere of the game.

G Richie Incognito
November 21, 2008

(On his comments towards St. Louis Rams fans yesterday)
"I was not trying to take a shot at Rams fans. That is the last thing that I am trying to do. I fully understand that this team has not given a single Rams fans a single thing to cheer about this season. I understand where we are at this season and all I was trying to say was that we have a lot of Chicago Bears fans coming down and there will be a lot of them. They get excited for their football team and they get excited to come to the game so in return, them coming to the game brings a football atmosphere that I am use to and that gets me excited. We go into Philly and we have guys telling us you stink and more colorful words and that gets me excited to play great football and that gets me excited to go out there and get a win to keep them quit. The fact of the matter is that it really doesn't matter who is in the stands. Our fans or Chicago fans because we need all the support we can to get some wins out there and get this thing turned around."

(On if he is retracting his comments yesterday)
"All I said yesterday was that Chicago fans are coming down and they are going to bring a buzz into the dome. They are going to get it excited. Everything beyond that, I don't want to sound cliché, but it was taken the wrong way. I am going to be excited to play this game and I play my heart out and I leave everything I have on that field. I want as many Rams fans out there to enjoy it with us. We have not been good this year and I will be the first to say that but I am here through the thick and thin. I am going to play my heart out no matter what our record is. We are trying to get as many wins and we want as many Rams fans to come out and support us as much as possible."

(On the atmosphere of the game)
"I just look forward to every Sunday, waking up and doing the thing that I love which is going out there and playing football. I just want people to enjoy it and the product that we put out there on the football field and get excited about what we are doing. I want everybody to get involved with what we are doing because I am excited about what we are doing so hopefully they will feed off me because I am excited about Rams football."

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