Long Looks Forward to Rushing Against J Long

Rams rookie defensive end Chris Long talked Wednesday about going against Dolphins rookie tackle Jake Long, on if he thought he would be drafted by Miami, and on how he feels about his development this season.

DE Chris Long
November 26, 2008

(On going against Miami Dolphins T Jake Long)
"That is going to be a lot of fun because he is another great tackle and I have been playing a lot of great tackles this year. I am sure a lot of people are going to hype it up into something that it is not but it is another great match up for me."

(On what he sees in T Jake Long)
"He has great feet and hands. What he does well is finish especially in the run game. I think a lot of people saw him as just a run blocker because he did that so successfully in college but he does a great job. He is a great left tackle in this league."

(On if he thought he would be drafted by the Miami Dolphins)
"I never really hung my hat on it coming into it. I came in with an open mind and nothing really surprised me."

(On the difference between playing against someone you know rather than someone you don't know)
"It is a little different but it is not much of a difference because you know how to separate. It is a game but you know how to separate different relationships. I have played against ex-teammates and I just played a Virginia guy last week and I played D'Brickashaw Ferguson earlier this season. You know a lot of guys but that does not change anything."

(On how he feels about his development this season)
"I am happy but I have to get a lot better and I have to work on a lot of things. It is going ok. I did not expect to come in here and set the world on fire and I don't think any rookie does because you will stress yourself out doing something like that. I am just trying to work hard and play."

(On how T Jake Long is playing so far)
"I think he is doing really well. I think he is having one of the best seasons but you can't measure a tackle's season statistically. You have to watch film and you have to hear what they are saying around the league. I think he is having a great rookie season."

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