Jackson Plans on Playing Sunday

Rams running back Steven Jackson talked Thursday about how he feels, if he intends to play on Sunday, on how he feels this week compared to when he played against Arizona, on if he's anxious to play again, on if it's realistic to think he can pick up where he left off against Dallas, and on if being in the huddle will bring a lift to the team's spirit.

RB Steven Jackson
November 27, 2008

(On how he feels)
"I had two good days of practice and no major setbacks. The leg is a little sore but I was able to give Coach Haslett what he wanted to see so I guess those are positives things and things are going in the right direction."

(On if he intends to play on Sunday)
"He said that if I practice I would play so that is what I intend on doing."

(On how he feels this week compared to when he played against Arizona)
"I am light years ahead of that. I am able to cut and burst and I am able to do all the agility things that I need to do in the hole, dodging the defender and all of that. Compared to the Arizona game, I am definitely light years ahead of how I was feeling that week."

(On if he was sore after his workout Saturday)
"No and that is why I am practicing now. If I had any setbacks I would have sat out another week. Sunday, the leg was fine and I did another workout on Monday and took Tuesday off. I have been able to get into the game plan and learn all the necessary plays that I need to see to pick up some blitzes. All the things I need to do to get ready for the Miami Dolphins is what I am doing now."

(On if he's anxious to play again)
"I'm very anxious to get out there. It's been a long four weeks and it's been a long, long season, so to be able to finish strong that would be ideal. And hopefully get some more wins in the win column."

(On if he has to guard against being tentative after coming back from an injury)
"Yeah, that's the next thing. Although I'm practicing, I still want to run through some arm tackles, drag some guys around, but I think all that will come in the weeks to come. The leg strength is there, we've been working on that since the injury happened to make sure the leg strength is equal to the left leg. As the weeks go by, the confidence will come and the doubt in my mind will leave as well."

(On if it's realistic to think he can pick up where he left off against Dallas)
"I'm pretty sure I'll be a little rusty, but just being able to run the ball hard and downhill. This is the defense that swarms to the football, so all those things and you have to be aggressive and that's just the feel of the offense I'm going to try to bring out there, is the aggressiveness to match theirs."

(On how important it is to defend the blitz in pass protection)
"Pretty important. (LB) Joey Porter and the Dolphins, they do a good job of pressuring the quarterback and presenting a lot of different mismatches for running backs. He is such a big guy, so that is going to be one of the things I really focus on all week. I'll be watching a lot of film and see if I can get a beat on if he gives some things away in his stance or something like that."

(On Miami being 1-15 last year to having a record of 6-5 this year)
"Dramatic turn-arounds can happen. You saw that with a couple of teams like the Atlanta Falcons. There are a couple of teams who had a chance to turn things around and I think if you get a few wins under your belt, the confidence comes and those close games that you lost a year ago all of a sudden turn in your favor. I think that is what we are seeing from the Dolphins."

(On if being in the huddle will bring a lift to the team's spirit)
"I don't know about the team but it would do a lot for me and my spirit right now. Like I said, it's been a long year for me and the team and these last five games, ideally, I'd love to go out 5-0. I don't think anyone has given up on the season. I think a lot of guys have many different reasons to play hard and continue to play hard."


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