Mr. Irrelevant Reflects on First Start

Rams rookie linebacker talked Sunday after the game about how he played in his first start of his career, on making the defensive calls using the radio in his helmet, on if he was nervous, and on defending the Miami running attack.

LB David Vobora
November 30, 2008

(On how he played in the first start of his career)
"I feel like I settled in and played pretty well. Defensively, I felt like we were back today. We played with some swagger and we played as a team. We had some guys banged up and a lot of guys put the effort in on the D-line and that is all you can ask for."

(On making all the defensive calls using the radio in his helmet)
"My heart rate at the snap may have been a little high but after that I settled in and got my reads and made the calls and we had no problems."

(On if he was nervous)
"I did not sleep as much last night but that is the way it is and I love that feeling."

(On defending the Miami Dolphins running attack)
"Both (RB) Ricky (Williams) and (RB) Ronnie (Brown) are good athletes and they wait for you to flow past them and they hit seams. They really did not have those big seams. We had a series early, the one that they scored on, where we did not tackle really well but we regrouped and came back out and I think we had a better day from that point."


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