Holt Focused on Turning Things Around

Rams wide receiver Torry Holt talked Friday about being underdogs in Sunday's game against the Seahawks, on the Rams' current losing streak, on the uncertainty of the Rams future, and on if he expects to be back with the Rams next year.

WR Torry Holt
December 12, 2008

(On being underdogs in Sunday's game against the Seattle Seahawks)
"The way that things have been going for our football team, I am not at all surprised. It could have been the other way and they could have been underdogs. The way I look at it, two 2-11 football teams that are in dire need of a win and that is the approach that we are going to take into Sunday's game. That is the approach that we have taken this week. We know that they are 2-11 but at the same time we are still trying to get a win on our home surface. We have an opportunity to do that on Sunday and hopefully we can take advantage of it."

(On the St. Louis Rams current losing streak)
"The (Washington) Redskins game and that Dallas (Cowboys) game were two good games for us. Those weeks, as a football team, we looked inspired. We played the way you should play the pro game. Every since that point on, it has been just up and down for us. We have another week this week so hopefully we can create some enthusiasm and some energy and build on it so we can try to get a win."

(On the reasons for recent decline in the St. Louis Rams and the Seattle Seahawks)
"We were healthy back then. We were clicking and they were clicking. All those things play a part. We also had some stability from a coaching and an organizational standpoint and the same thing for them. There are a lot of factors that play into their success five years ago and there are a lot of things that play into our success five years ago. That is something that has been rattled within the last years or so but again, you can't dwell on those things. You have to move forward. We have an opportunity to get a win on Sunday and hopefully we can do that and then move forward."

(On the uncertainty of the St. Louis Rams future)
"You don't know. These last three or four years have been a rollercoaster for this organization, for players and for this football team, for the coaches, etc. We don't know what is going to happen but I know what we can control, we can control how we prepare. We can control how we go out and play on Sunday and hopefully guys will take that approach and let everything else handle itself. For a guy like myself who has been here for ten years, it is really disheartening to see what has happen to this organization and where we are right now. It has been tough for me, especially these last three days but now that I have taken the time off to get my head together and now I was able to come back and finish these last couple practices and again go out and put myself in a position to go out on Sundays and play. It is disheartening."

(On what has been tough to deal with)
"The last few days and the last few years have been tough, speaking from a personal standpoint. It has been tough for me and it has been challenging but you have to dig down deep and figure out why you have been playing this game. That is what I have done these last couple of years and I think a lot of guys in this locker room have done that. Again, we have to dig deep on Sunday. Seattle has been playing very well defensively so that will be a challenge for us. Offensively, their tempo is up and they are still moving the ball. It is going to be a challenge for us, it will not be a cake walk."

(On why has these last days been tough to deal with)
"We have three more weeks left and sometimes you reflect on all that we have said and all that we had done at the beginning of the season. All the promise and everything that we had coming into the season and you look at everything now in Week 13 with three weeks left and you are a 2-11 football team. It can wear on you and that is what I meant by that. Just really thinking about those things here of late but you can't dwell on it. You have to move forward and put your best foot forward and ask yourself what can you do to help our football team get things turned around. That is what I am focused on now."

(On if he expects to be back with the St. Louis Rams next year)
"I am going to wait and see. I am a realest and I understand how this business and how things go. I am going to keep all options open just like everybody else and try to finish up these last three strong and try to, at least, finish up with some wins and let things fall where they may. Hopefully, we can get things turned around here and we will see where things go."

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