Jackson Rates his Performance as a "C"

Rams running back Steven Jackson talked after another loss Sunday about the game, on "learning how to win" games, on losing close games, and on his personal performance.

Rams RB Steven Jackson

(On today's game)
"Since I've been here in this organization and playing the Seattle Seahawks, it's kind of one of those classic games where you know whoever has the ball last probably is pretty much going to win the game.  We jumped on them early but something in the back of my mind told me that they were going to make some great adjustments and make a game out of it and that's exactly what they did."

(On "learning how to win" games)
"That's exactly what's been ailing us all year. We get up on a team- have a great first half or vice versa and have a great second half.  We've been unable to put four quarters together for a while."

(On losing close games)
"(It's tougher to lose) tight ones. If you lose a blow-out you just have to tip your hat to that team saying ‘you know what, they just really out-played us today' but in a tight game like this one where you feel like we kind of did everything we could do when we wanted and still come out with a loss- these are the tough ones that we try to figure out what it is that's preventing us from putting teams away."

(On his personal performance)
"I give myself a ‘C.' I felt like I had a great first half but I feel the game in general in the second half didn't match-up to how we started off.  I kind of got dinged up- I don't know which play specifically but I took a shot and didn't really feel all the way there.  We decided to rotate me in and out to see if I would come to and when I finally did the clock was really running out on us."

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