Bulger Prepares for 49ers

Rams quarterback Marc Bulger talked Wednesday about the possibility of Isaac Bruce getting his 1,000 reception in St. Louis Sunday, on how he felt when Bruce left, on winning the last two games for Coach Jim Haslett, and on the 49ers defense.

QB Marc Bulger
December 17, 2008

(On the possibility of WR Isaac Bruce getting his 1,000 reception in St. Louis Sunday)
"He has two game left so if he can get six in two games would be a great honor. For him to do it here, he has a great chance of it, but hopefully he can put that off for a week."

(On what it meant to play with WR Isaac Bruce)
"Him and (WR) Torry (Holt) were the guys that I had for the first 6-7 years of my career. They were just reliable and true professionals. They knew what it meant to be a true professional. They worked really hard and that is all I knew for the first part of my career. For me, it was an honor just to play with them because they are two Hall of Fame guys. Obviously, (WR) Isaac (Bruce) is a little bit older so he taught (WR) Torry (Holt) a lot so his resume is something that is really impressive. It is just an honor to have played with him."

(On how he felt when WR Isaac Bruce left)
"(WR) Isaac (Bruce) is a quiet guy and he was ‘pretty a matter of fact' about things and he makes the best out of situations. I got to see him a couple months later in the spring when he was back and I think he was excited about the chance to play with (Offensive Coordinator) Mike (Martz) again. He is playing great and we knew he would because that is his work ethic but I did not have an extensive talk with him before he left."

(On WR Donnie Avery coming out of his recent slump)
"You see it in a lot of young guys because they have their college year and then getting ready for the combine and then the draft and right into OTAs. It is a grind for those guys and especially for a receiver because they run for two years straight, literally. That can take a toll and I know his hip has been bothering him lately because he had that broken hip and that compounds it. I think mentally and physically losing can take a toll but he has fought through it pretty well to this point. He just has to grind it out for a couple more weeks and he can finally get to rest it."

(On how has WR Donnie Avery developed)
"With (WR) Isaac (Bruce) and (WR) Torry (Holt), they were already through that. They were the veterans and I was the rookie making the mistakes. This is my first time in my career where I have had to deal with younger guys and getting through those growing pains. It is a process and it is not going to happen over night. It can be frustrating at times but they have come along way from where they were in the spring."

(On how WR Donnie Avery will be later in his career)
"He is going to be a great player and I would be surprised if he is not in the Pro Bowl in a couple of years. I always mention (WR) Keenan (Burton) with him because they are both the same kind of guys. They work hard and want to get better. Barring any injuries, God forbid, they both will be there in a couple years because they have that much talent and their work ethic."

(On what changes need to be made facing the San Francisco 49ers for the second time this season)
"We just need to play better. We turned the ball over the first half and they got up on us big. We played better the second half but we were in such a big hole. It is not going to be easy. They are playing better now compared to how they were playing going into our first game. (WR) Isaac (Burce) is going to have incentive and (Offensive Coordinator) Mike (Martz) is going to have incentives coming back so it is not going to be an easy challenge. (Head Coach) Singletary has them going and it is going to be a challenge for us to get our third win."

(On the impact Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz had on his career)
"I am very appreciative. He thought me 99-percent of the things I know about how to play quarterback in the NFL. He is a great coach. He gave me an opportunity and I will be forever grateful for what he thought me. The things that you did not realize at the time about being a quarterback that I appreciate now and I will appreciate more as I have gotten older."

(On winning the last two games for Head Coach Jim Haslett)
"Believe me guys are playing for him. We wanted to win five weeks ago and we wanted to win last week but we just haven't been able to get it done. If we can win these last two it would be great and it starts with San Francisco. We are playing for him and we are pulling for him and we are trying to get those two wins for him."

(On the impact Head Coach Jim Haslett has had on the team)
"He hasn't change one bit from when we won our first two and he said he would not change. We have lost I don't know how many in a row and he hasn't changed. He just cares about us as players and as people. We know the circumstances, he could lose his job and we could lose our jobs but he is not selfish. It is about us, it is not about him and that is why the guys in this locker room respect him so much."

(On the San Francisco 49ers defense)
"They are a little more 3-4. There have been a number of teams that we have played that have just done things out of the blue so we can't say that is what they are going to do. With a coach like that, I think he is going to tell you this is what we do and beat it. They are playing well and haven't giving up many points in the last 3-4 weeks so I don't think it will be a big surprise, just a matter of execution."

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