Tuesday Coach Haslett Press Conference

Rams Head Coach Jim Haslett talked Tuesday afternoon about what La'Roi Glover has meant to the Rams, on Steven Jackson's health, on what he sees from the Falcons, and on Atlanta playing for a chance to have a first-round bye.

Head Coach Jim Haslett
December 23, 2008

(Opening remarks)
"(TE) (Daniel) Fells has a bruised knee and he could not go today. (G)Jacob Bell was not feeling well and he has the hamstring. Both those guys will be questionable. (CB) Fahkir (Brown) has an ankle and we just rested him today. (DT) La'Roi (Glover), we just gave a day off too. He is the elder statesman and his knee is hurting. He is going to have surgery at the end of the season. We have about four or five guys that are going to have surgery the week after the season is over."

(On if DT La'Roi Glover got his knee drained)
"He does it every Saturday."

(On what has DT La'Roi meant to the St. Louis Rams)
"He is a true professional. He is probably one of the best pass rushing inside guys in the National Football League. One year we had him and he had 18 ½
sacks. He is the hardest working guy that I have been around. He loves the game. He works hard offseason and during the season constantly. You can't say enough about him. He is a great football player and a good guy. He has a torn meniscus and we are trying to get him through but it is catching up with him. We will get him through this week."

(On RB Steven Jackson's health)
"No, he felt good. They're all sore, but I think the big thing is this practice and the older guys talking to the younger guys, when you get this thing turned around this is how you practice because you're on TV on Monday, you're on TV on Thursday nights, you're in the playoffs playing on Saturday, so get this feeling and add it to by tens because you're excited because of what your looking forward to. Hopefully, they'll understand what I was talking about."

(On how the team made it through practice today)
"I thought they did great. We were trying to actually slow the pace down a little bit and you saw them, they were running deep routes and they were doing a great job. They're a good bunch of guys to be around, they really are."

(On this week's schedule)
"We game planned actually the coaches stayed late Friday and Saturday and worked extra and then, we game planned all day Monday and half the morning today, they came in late today."

(On if G Jacob Bell had an MRI)
"Yeah, he had a hamstring (injury) and he has a grade one, whatever that means. That grade, I'm not sure what that means."

(On what he sees from the Falcons)
"I think they're doing a great job. They picked up a great running back, physical offense, they do a great job getting people in position to make plays and on defense they're steady. They play hard. They've got really good returners and special teams; really fast, those special teams."

(On Falcons QB Matt Ryan)
"He's doing a great job. He's handling the game very well. I don't think the game, you think for a rookie, sometimes it would get too big for him, but it doesn't. He has a heck of an arm, makes good decisions, runs around, and can get out of his own way, which is important. The guy does, he'll find an opening and take it. And he's a big guy, he's a big-body quarterback."

(On Falcons DE John Abraham)
"He's a guy who you have to contain. He'll line up on both sides, has great speed, good quickness off the ball. He's one of the top three guys in the league right now in pass rushing, so we have our hands full with him. You have to know where he's at all the time because he'll flip sides."

(On Atlanta playing for a chance to have a first-round bye)
"That's something good to be playing for. I told our guys that we can be the spoilers. We can knock them out of it. We have nothing to lose, so we'll let it go and do the best we can. We have nothing to lose, so let's go out and play the game and try to win."

(On having a playoff atmosphere in Atlanta this week)
"It will be fun to be in a stadium like that. I've been there before, played them a number of times. Those fans, they get into it. We're looking forward to it."

(On if he gets booed in Atlanta)
"No, not like in some cities."

(On the rivalry between the Saints and the Falcons)
"Actually, New Orleans and Atlanta was a big rivalry. I'm still really not sure why, but it still is a big rivalry. It's a good town, Atlanta is a good city and obviously, when you are winning, it's a lot better. They've done a nice job of turning that around."

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