QB Keith Null Talks after Selected by Rams

Rams 6th round pick QB Keith Null talked with the media Sunday. Null discussed if he expected being drafted, on if he knew the Rams were interested, on the style of offense he played at West Texas A&M, and on his skill set.

Rams QB Keith Null
April 26, 2009

(On how he's doing right now)
"Oh, I'm doing fabulous right now."

(On if he expected to be drafted)
"Man, we've been watching it and we were just like, me and dad were talking like, ‘Man, I might just end up being a free agent.' We've heard from the beginning that it was going to be a late round (draft choice), a free agent (signing) and by the way things were shaping out, I was like, ‘Man, I just don't know.' And I got called and we were just sitting here. I was not expecting it at all. It was totally amazing."

(On if he knew the Rams were interested)
"Just a little bit, I mean, but not more than anyone else that I had talked to. Had no clue it would have been them. They did come during the season and I talked with one of the scouts and things, but they weren't on my radar at all."

(On what he's done this offseason where teams had looked at him)
"Well, Pro Day we had a pretty good showing for a Division 2 school. We had about six scouts come out. That's not a huge number, but it's pretty big for our school. We went out, tested good, ran through real well and that was my big day. I also went on a private visit to the Carolina Panthers, but really that was it."

(On if he had any Division 1 opportunities out of high school)
"No, I didn't. Everything was Division 2. West Texas A&M just sort of came on the radar real late and ended up coming up here on a visit, talking with the coaches. It was a great offense for me to get in."

(On the style of offense he played at West Texas A&M)
"We threw the ball probably 95 percent of the time in that offense. It was the perfect fit for me as far as a quarterback. You can't play in a better, more fun offense."

(On if he talked to any Rams personnel on his Pro Day)
"I think…I'm sorry, I can't even think right now to tell you the truth. I can't remember who was all there."

(On his skill set)
"I'm definitely a pocket quarterback, a pocket passer. I'm quick enough to get out of things in the pocket. I'm not straight-away fast, that's not my thing. It's sort of like I would say a Peyton Manning kind of style. Just sitting in the pocket and wheeling and dealing it to the real athletes out there."

(On the type of offense he played in college)
"It's the spread. It was the air-raid. It's exactly what Texas Tech runs."

(On if he took snaps under the center)
"Yes, a couple times. That was sort of a big knock on me was, ‘He never takes snaps under center.' But I went out and worked in Arizona this January and February. Went and worked with a good quarterback coach named Rod Dowhower and he used to coach in the league."

(On why he doesn't think that Division 1 teams recruited him)
"I'm not really sure. I guess it was just a God thing. He had a place for me to go and I guess it was just His doing. I had pretty good numbers in high school. No one really got on me. I guess I just sort of slipped through the cracks."

(On the Cactus Bowl)
"The Cactus Bowl was a great experience. It's the Division 2 all-star game. I went down there and actually a funny thing that happened, I don't even know if I was one of the first quarterbacks selected to go down there. I think the way I got down there is somebody couldn't come or something and they ended up calling me. I went down there and had great practices. (I) went in the game and set passing yardage records, touchdown record and receptions record and ended up as the offensive MVP of the whole Cactus Bowl. So it was a great showing for me."

(On if any NFL scouts were down at the Cactus Bowl)
"Yes. That's really when I met with the most scouts I had. I would say I met with over 15 of them down there and just talked with them intermittenly. That was probably the most publicity and eyes that were on me and got to see me. That was probably the best thing I could have gone to."

(On the normal amount of fans at a West Texas A&M game)
"Actually the football fans down here are great. I think we averaged around 15 to 18 thousand this year. We're definitely No. 1 in Division 2 attendance and I think we were No. 2 including Division 1-AA and Division 2. The crowds here are just awesome."

(On what it was like working with former San Diego Chargers QB Ryan Leaf)
"Coach Leaf was a great guy. He just knows the game. As everyone knows, he tore it up. That was his thing. So it was great to have him around, have that experience and he really taught me a lot. It's great to have somebody who's done it and who's been successful at it. It was a blessing to have him there."

(On what part of Texas he is from)
"I'm actually from Central Texas, a town called Lampasas. It's an hour north of Austin."

(On if it was similar to ‘Friday Night Lights' in high school)
"It pretty much is. That's about how it is everywhere in Texas. It's unbeatable, it really is, just to play on Friday nights in Texas. The whole town comes out just like you watch on the TV show and in the movie. It's pretty much exactly like that."

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