Coach Spagnuolo Talks after OTA's Friday

Rams Coach Steve Spagnuolo talked Friday afternoon after the teams latest OTA's. Spagnuolo discussed the competition among the defensive backs, the passing game including newly signed wide receiver Sean Walker, and what he has seen from tight end Daniel Fells so far.

Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo
May 29, 2009

(On what he has seen from TE Daniel Fells so far)
"I'll tell you what, I don't know if you saw the play there at the end where we had a little reverse on it; he made a smart decision to keep the ball. Very athletic, been making a lot of plays. Other than that we don't know the blocking part because we don't have the pads on yet, but very pleased."

(On if he thinks Fells just needs an opportunity to play more)
"Yeah, I mean there's a lot of guys out here like that and they're all going to get it in this situation. This is the land of opportunity right now."

(On if he likes the battle among the defensive backs)
"Yeah, you want that. It's kind of what I've talked about before if we can have competition at every position that will make us all better."

(On if CB Bradley Fletcher is standing out)
"Yeah, he plays aggressive. He has to learn some technique things and (defensive backs/cornerbacks coach) Clayton (Lopez) and I have talked about that this past week. But very eager, very aggressive guy. He's got long arms and good size."

(On how CB Tye Hill is coming along)
"Good. Some of the stuff we were doing he struggled with earlier, but it's really smoothed out for him and he's coming along. He's doing a pretty good job."

(On how G Richie Incognito is coming along at this stage)
"Richie and the whole group, I really talk about all those guys (the offensive line) as a group because that's what they are and I think they're progressing in the system. I think (assistant offensive line coach) Art (Valero) and (offensive line coach) Steve Loney are doing a great job with that whole group. Every time I go over there and watch those guys work they're putting a lot of effort into working and that's what the offensive line is all about."

(On if he took out time out with Incognito to talk to him because of his past or if he treats him like everyone else)
"Everybody's the same right now. We'll handle things as they come, but everybody's the same. Again, I said the land of opportunity and that's what it is right now. Guys are fighting for positions and competing and that's what I like about it right now."

(On how he views Incognito's ability)
"I think our offensive line in general has the ability to be a good, solid offensive line in the system we're trying to run here."

(On what he's seen from WR Brooks Foster so far)
"Right at the end of practice here I thought he made a real nice catch. He adjusted to the ball and he did that same thing Thursday or Wednesday, so that's impressive that you do it back to back. Good hands and he's missed a couple of practices going back to the other mini-camp, so we need a little bit of time with him, but he's been good."

(On the passing game in general)
"Well, in the passing game that we're trying to put in the quarterback doesn't distribute the ball to a lot of people. It's the backs, it's the tight end. People think that the pass game is just wide receivers, but really in this league nowadays you have to defend everybody. So I think it's progressing well. It's way early in the development of all these things defensively and offensively, but I like some of the things we see."

(On what he has seen from Fells so far)
"Athletic guy. He's fitting in right now. Again, we have a long way to go, but he has flashed. He's done some good things."

(On why RB Antonio Pittman was not at practice and on the new wide receiver at practice)
"Antonio Pittman had a personal family issue, so we're ok there. And Sean Walker is a new wide receiver we signed from Vanderbilt."

(On what WR Sean Walker brings to the team)
"Some fresh legs and there were some things we thought he did in the workout that he was worth giving an opportunity."

(On why DL Kirston Pittman wasn't at practice)
"He's getting a second opinion on an injury on his heel."

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