Bradford Meets The Media

ST. LOUIS — Rams quarterback Sam Bradford spoke with the media following Tuesday's practice. He talked about the preseason, his expectations for Thursday's final preseason game and what he wants to accomplish.

Here is a transcript of what Bradford said:

(On the preseason coming to an end)

"It's definitely gone by really fast. It seems like just yesterday we were out here for rookie minicamp. Now we're through that, we're through OTAs, we're through preseason practice. We have one more preseason game and then the regular season is here. It's really flown by."

(On if his goal for Thursday is to repeat what he did in New England)

"Obviously. Any time you step on the field, you want to play well, you want to help your team win. I felt like I did that last week. Going into this game, it's no different. I want to do the same thing. When I'm out there with this offense, I want to do everything I can to get the ball in the end zone and help this team win."

(On what his performance against the Patriots did for his confidence)

"It definitely helped it. Obviously the first two games, I said it in the media, I felt like I was in the right place with the ball. I struggled to get some completions at times, but to go out there and have a game like I did last week definitely helped. It seemed like things finally started to slow down a little bit and felt really good out there."

(On how he's gauged how much confidence his teammates have in him)

"I think a little bit. I know after last week I had a couple guys come up to me and say a couple things about how I handled the situation, the way I acted in the huddle, the way I carried myself on the field. They were all positive. I think that's something that I can take away from that game and continue to get better at, but anytime I hear things like that from vets, it's really encouraging."

(On feeling butterflies as his first home start approaches Thursday)

"I think I'll always have butterflies. I think the day the butterflies go away there's something wrong. I always get nervous before I go out there. The first start in St. Louis, obviously it's exciting, but any time I get an opportunity to start and an opportunity to help this team win, it's really exciting for me."

(On if he feels like he's becoming more of a leader)

"I think I'm getting better in that category each week. Am I there yet? No. I think that's a ways down the road, but I feel like I am making improvement. I feel like I am going in the right direction, and I feel like the guys have really responded to the way that I've handled the past couple weeks."

(On what he'd like to improve on this week)

"There's a million things. Footwork, footwork in the run game. I can get better on play fakes. I can always make quicker decisions. The list really goes on and on. There are so many things I can get better at. I'm just going to try to go out there Thursday, try to have fun and have a good game."

(On how much he's benefitted from taking all the first-team reps the last two weeks)

"It's definitely helped being in there with those guys. Just being in the huddle with them more, being on the field, getting reps with the same guys at receiver, it just helps. I'm really kind of starting to jell with those guys out there a little bit. Any time I can get more reps, it just makes me feel more comfortable with those guys."

(On how many receivers at Oklahoma had to get stitches because of his passes)

"I don't know if any ever had to get stitches back home."

(On if Danny Amendola gave him a hard time about the throw that caused Amendola to need stitches)

"No, although it did look pretty nasty. He showed it to me after the game."

(On if he's trying to put last week's performance behind him)

"I think when we came in here and watched the film, I think you learn from the things that you can learn from, the positives and the negatives, but as soon as that game's over it was on to Baltimore. You put that game behind you, but I'm looking to go out and have another strong performance on Thursday."

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