Terrell Suggs to appear on FX's "The League"

OWINGS MILLS --Action! Cue the clip previewing this week's episode of The League, the popular FX comedy centered on a fictional fantasy football league, and here's Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs and Cleveland Browns kick returner Josh Cribbs.

They're at a party playing themselves when cast regular Andre Nosik, a clueless and boisterous plastic surgeon and reigning fantasy league champion, claims to be longtime friends with the two NFL stars.

Andre: "I love black friends. I got you guys and you know..."

Cribbs: "We don't know him."

Suggs: "We just met like five minutes ago, seriously."

The episode airs Thursday night at 10:30.

Suggs said he's on the show for a few minutes.

"I got a little spot, it's quick and easy," Suggs said. "Nothing outrageous."

Suggs said he got to improvise a little, but not too much. Mostly, he followed the script.

"I wish they had let me put a little more personality in there," Suggs said. "When you get a chance to do a show, you just do what you're told."

Suggs and Cribbs aren't the first NFL players to appear on The League.

Past participants include Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco and San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates.

"I watch the show, I think it's funny," Suggs said. "I think it's hilarious. I like the way it's structured. It's not really a script. They just let you wing it."

Who's Suggs' favorite character?

Defending champion Pete Eckhart, a born troublemaker and prankster?

District attorney Kevin McArthur, whose wife secretly runs his fantasy team?

Defense attorney Rodney Ruxin, who has never won a championship despite unscrupulous tactics?

Stoner musician Taco McArthur who spends his time chasing girls instead of concentrating on his team?

Or newcomer Rafi, Ruxin's boorish, immature brother-in-law?

"I don't know," Suggs said. "I would really have to look at it and judge to who's the funniest. It's a lot of funny guys. They do a great job. It was really cool being on the show."

In a press release from the show, Cribbs indicated that he had a good time in his cameo appearance where Ruxin uses a sick kid to meet the Browns' wide receiver.

"I prepared for my role by watching episodes from the first season and memorizing my script," Cribbs said. "When I stepped on the set, it was like seeing a blitz for the first time. The actors were so talented and funny, so a lot of my lines were improvised."

Show creators Jeff Schaffer and Jackie Marcus Schaffer said they've gotten a good response from NFL players.

"It's been an amazing thing for Jeff and I because we're such football fans," Jackie Schaffer said. "Without naming names, the phone calls that have been rolling in this season, people who have approached us to be on the show. Let's just say there's a couple people who turned us down in Season 1 and now they're asking to be on the show."

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