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Last Week's Chat Transcript.

<p>Last week's chat transcript for your viewing pleasure. This week's chat will be Wednesday at 8.30PM (the normal time). In attendance will be Carroll County Times reporter and Byners Insider contributor Aaron Wilson. Earnest Byner usually drops in so make sure you have your questions ready. <p>This chat will be for subscribers only. Please condsider supporting this site with a <A HREF=""> site subscription</A>

aaronwilson Good evening everyone. Ready for your questions.
Baltimore_Greg We could send Crow and tell him we got another hundred thousand like him if they don't surrender
darb72 hello aaron
Dev21 I will fire first.
adminsteve Hi aaron.
Baltimore_Greg Welcome Aaron, are Billick and Ozzie back in house?
Dev21 With the Bills offering Adams less than a $2 million bonus, does that put Baltimore at the forefront in terms of his next option?
aaronwilson Yes, they've been back all week. Next week, Ravens will be at owners meetings in Phoenix, Arizona.
Baltimore_Greg If so, are we going to ask any of these WRs to visit or just let the Jets and Panthers and whoever else sign everybody before we even talk?
Dev21 LOL. No Greg, they are just waiting till June till the real wideouts become avaliable.
Crowdog89 Who do you think the Ravens will go after at Veteran QB and WR since the picking s are getting slim?
aaronwilson Possibly. Adams' agent, Angelo Wright, told me about an hour ago that a lot of the noise regarding Adams' negotiation in Buffalo is posturing on both sides. He said Baltimore remains an option, but he's unwilling to give a Ravens discount at this point. Adams might eventually wind up here. It's not over yet.
Baltimore_Greg Sam and his agent over price themselves every year, back to those WRs
aaronwilson At quarterback, possibly Shaun King, or even Jeff George. At receiver, perhaps Marcus Robinson or Oronde Gadsen depending upon price.
ravensfan Didn't the Bengals offer him much more? He always seems to wait to long and then accept less.
ravensfan too long
Crowdog89 Just say NO to Jeff George...PLEASE!!!
aaronwilson Yes, that's Adams' negotiating pattern, but Cincinnati is set now with John Thornton.
Dev21 This is what the Ravens wanted, I suppose, someone to set the market for Adams.
Baltimore_Greg I have no problem with sitting back, but we are so WOEFULLY short at WR and even DL, though DL doesn't seem to be going as fast
aaronwilson Yes, Ravens like it when a player sees what he can get elsewhere then comes back to them without a lot of muss and fuss. It's a classic management style, let others do your work for you in a way.
aaronwilson Next question, please.
Baltimore_Greg Besides Adams, who do they like on DL?
Dev21 Considering the Bills' offer, I think the Ravens could bite. We'll see.
darb72 have any of the front office folks talked about Boller vs. Leftwich?
aaronwilson There aren't many pass rushers left to evaluate. I think the draft is their best option at this point for a defensive lineman.
Baltimore_Greg We need a run stuffer and a pass rusher, badly
Dev21 Why are they sitting back and letting the Jets basically have Conway?
aaronwilson Well, Brian Billick was especially complimentary of Kyle Boller in a CNN/SI interview.
Baltimore_Greg Is that sandbagging and smoke blowing?
aaronwilson Well, as one league source told me, why would Curtis Conway want to come here with this quarterback situation and collection of receivers. It's not the most attractive scenario for a free agent wideout.
aaronwilson Possibly, but Kyle Boller has been really impressive in his workouts.
Crowdog89 Any inside stuff on if the Ravens will trade up or down in the first round?
darb72 an excellent point from Conway
Dev21 True to some degree.
aaronwilson No indication at this point of any trades brewing. As Ozzie Newsome would say, make the Ravens an offer and they'll listen. I don't believe they'll move from the 10th spot of the first round.
Crowdog89 Ryan Leaf was impressive in his workouts as well...the draft is a crapshoot.
Baltimore_Greg From what I hear all of the QBs sound like solid kids
aaronwilson Boller runs well, can make all of the throws and has a strong background for academics and football.
Dev21 With Boller, they could trade down and still get him. His value at 10 is very questionable.
aaronwilson The only person who has rated him that highly is Peter King. He's getting carried away on potential versus production.
aaronwilson Next question, please.
Baltimore_Greg Leaf was a nightmare spotted by a sports psychologist as a loose cannon but SD had to have him
darb72 Leaf didn't fare as well in his Psychological evaluation as Manning. It said that Leaf would get stuck like a deer in the headlights
Dev21 Thank you, Aaron. Peter King is a moron.
Crowdog89 When does Leftwich work out? Any news on how his leg is healing?
HDDream I think Boller will be fine, but you've got give him two years at least. Leftwich will be ready to play in his second year IMO
aaronwilson I'm not so sure about that. He's an excellent football writer. I just disagree with this projection of Boller on teams' draft boards. It's overdoing it.
Baltimore_Greg Who are our likely WR targets in the draft, I am assuming 3rd round
darb72 We won't tell on you Aaron. You can say he's an idiot.
aaronwilson Leftwich, I believe, will work out in Huntington, West Virginia in early April.
HDDream April 7th is the date I hear
Dev21 Will the Ravens look into Marcus Robinson in June or possibly trading a seventh for him?
aaronwilson In the third round, players like Illinois' Brandon Lloyd and Tyrone Calico from MTSU might still be available.
aaronwilson I think they will wait, as is their habit, to see if he is released.
darb72 Just say NO to Calico.
darb72 That's a good slogan
aaronwilson In article I posted before the chat, Ozzie Newsome indicated that Ravens will be extremely active after June 1, the second wave of free agency.
Baltimore_Greg There is always a player the media gets all worked up about that eventually gets picked where he should but much lower then they thought
HDDream Mike Malmula
darb72 just had to break out Malmula didn't you HD
HDDream Any chance the Ravens enter back into the Sam Adams race?
Dev21 As far as the June market goes, are they looking to be the chief players to sign a couple of players they want?
aaronwilson Yes, it's not over with Baltimore. Adams is a legitimate option if Buffalo negotiations break off. Bills are using Henry Ford as a fallback option in case they can't reach accord with Adams.
aaronwilson Yes, I anticipate Baltimore being an active player after June 1.
aaronwilson Next question, please.
Crowdog89 Who do you think will be available June 1st? Any surprises?
aaronwilson Isaac Bruce possibly. Marcus Robinson. Brian Griese. The usual suspects.
Dev21 Is Tony Brackens someone that could pop up on their radar screen? The biggest problem with him is his size (270, I believe), but he plays the run well and is a good pass rusher, too.
Baltimore_Greg Long term, do you think the Ravens are looking at this year as a playoff year but are really looking at 04 and 05
aaronwilson I don't think Tony Brackens would be an option because of his lack of ideal size for 3-4 scheme.
Dev21 Yeah, that's pretty much my feeling, too.
aaronwilson Yes, the target is playoffs this year, but a serious push for anything more than a wild card is more probable in two seasons.
darb72 What's up EB
aaronwilson Next question, please.
eb21 or his injury history...hasn't played a full season in a while
Dev21 What's up EB?
eb21 what up everyone
Crowdog89 Hey EB!
aaronwilson Hi, Earnest.
darb72 are the Ravens even considering bringing in a FA guard?
eb21 just hanging for a short time a test tomorrow
Crowdog89 Still in school EB?
darb72 test?
eb21 maybe in june...or draft at this time
eb21 yeah crow...towson
Dev21 How close were the Ravens to re-signing McAlister, Aaron and EB? Frankel indicated that a deal could have gotten done, had they had a few more days.
darb72 what kind of test
eb21 exercise prescription
Baltimore_Greg Few more days! ARGH, the story of our negotiations
aaronwilson Not sure. The Ravens' Pat Moriarty worked hard on a deal. Prices were driven up due to overpriced deals like Dre Bly's with Lions.
darb72 stupid Lions
aaronwilson Mitch Frankel didn't have much to say. His last comment to me regarding negotiation: ""Ravens are not in the ballpark.""
aaronwilson Next question, please.
Dev21 To follow on what Darb asked, why aren't the Ravens considering someone like Mo Collins?
eb21 don't know....we bargain hard and most of the time long to get ""the right player right price""
aaronwilson They believe Bennie Anderson is a good football player, especially with a stronger right tackle like Orlando Brown next to him.
Dev21 Okay. Not surprising.
aaronwilson Next question, please.
eb21 and with Bennie going down to Atlanta...they are hoping he will get the same benefit that Edwin received
Baltimore_Greg Is that a workout program, EB?
darb72 Can you give Redman my sympathies for him being protected by Orlando ""turnstile"" Brown
Dev21 EB, how high is the coaching staff on Zeus' potential?
aaronwilson Ouch.
eb21 edwin was lighter and stronger
eb21 yes greg
Baltimore_Greg Easy, Brooks hasn't lost the starting job yet and we haven't drafted either
eb21 yes...he will have to break off some rust but he is still a big guy that can move
Dev21 Yup. They will probably draft a RT IMO, maybe not out of the first round, though.
aaronwilson He's 360 pounds and 6-foot-7. Jim Colletto was impressed with his mobility.
Baltimore_Greg Bennie had also played last spring in NFLE, correct? So with a strong workout program and less the 10 extra games he should improve
Crowdog89 Do you think the time off may help Orlando in pass blocking?
eb21 with olando and ethan we will likely play the odds with those guys
aaronwilson Orlando Brown worked on pass blocking skills at IMG's performance institute in Florida. Apparently, his footwork has improved markedly.
eb21 it will take some time to catch back up with the game.....
HDDream that's what I figure EB, maybe a later draft choice also, but nothing too high
Dev21 Even with Cornell Brown's re-signing, will the Ravens still look to add a true pass rushing OLB to compliment him, either through the draft or free-agency.
aaronwilson Bennie Anderson competed in XFL with Chicago Enforcers before starting as a rookie free agent for Baltimore. Last year, was his second season as a starter.
darb72 drills are wonderful, but if you can't pass block, you just can't do it. Trust the ex-lineman
Baltimore_Greg LOL, I am getting old
aaronwilson Complementing the pass rush is a goal of Ozzie Newsome's. He mentioned that along with a receiver and quarterback as being his major priorities at the moment.
Dev21 Good.
Baltimore_Greg It seems Orlando had enough interest that he must have looked pretty good
darb72 Do you think the Ravens would be intrested in Ragone in the second round.
eb21 true will take some time...ethan will be ahead right away but he struggled because of being out of the speed is different
HDDream Is that pass rusher going to be an OLB like Jamir Miller or Antwan Peek (in the draft)? or a DE like Vonnie Holliday or someone else?
darb72 Peek wouldn't be a bad pick up in the third round if he's still there
Crowdog89 Hey T
darb72 what's up T
Mista_T hey guys
aaronwilson I tt.hink Dave Ragone would be a viable second-round targe
eb21 Hello t
aaronwilson A pass rusher is more likely in the draft. It's a thin market at this point for down defensive ends who can operate in the 3-4.
HDDream hey T
Mista_T Pity the Fool who wouldn't pick up ragone!
HDDream At this point, what do you guys see happening at the QB position, as far as another veteran?
aaronwilson Shaun King has starting experience, albeit limited success in recent experiences with Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
eb21 when is the next bull roast...
Crowdog89 EB, you working on a post graduate Masters Degree?
darb72 had to stick up for the huge corporation
eb21 no...under
eb21 been taking for the last couple years
aaronwilson Shh, don't tell East Carolina University, right?
eb21 shaun has struggled...don't know if the spirit will be with him...he might not have the right energy
eb21 the degree will be from EC
aaronwilson We can all agree it's a thin market at quarterback, even thinner after Jeff Blake, Kordell Stewart and Jake Plummer signings.
Crowdog89 King looked decent that one year, but I think the time on the bench has hurt him
aaronwilson Cool.
Baltimore_Greg Does Jim Miller have anything left?
eb21 no question crow.....hurt his belief more than anything
Dev21 These QBs are pretty poor. That's why drafting someone makes a hell of a lot of sense, even if they do sign someone.
darb72 If Jeff Blake, Kordillia, and Plummer were the best, it was a thin market to begin with
eb21 makes you wonder
HDDream I heard Miller is likely to sign in TB thanx to Keyshaun's restructuring
aaronwilson He's injured often. And he's still a possibility for Tampa Bay apparently.
darb72 can't stop myself......
Mista_T Aaron: Do you think that Billick would put up with George?
Baltimore_Greg Obviously we are going to draft a guy, but we need a vet, O'Donnell?
Dev21 With the emergence of Terry Jones, do you anticipate the Ravens going to a more exclusive two-tight end set, especially considering that Heap can flank out?
Crowdog89 I thought Tampa just picked up a QB?
darb72 Surely with Brown blocking for him, Miller will make it through the whole season untouched.:)
aaronwilson Yes, it wouldn't be a problem. Jeff George has a good rapport with Brian Billick. He would be a decent backup in my opinion.
eb21 we have to find someone that can pass off to Jamal.. and work the short passing game...strengthening the defense is the way to this league
HDDream It's not like we've got a boatload of great WR's to work with, right, Dev? :)
Dev21 Exactly.
aaronwilson Chris Redman remains an option depending upon his health. So far, the prognosis is good for Chris' return.
eb21 the guys just need to make the basic plays...i believe that they can......
darb72 The Ravens run a west-coast offense if I'm not mistaken right EB
Crowdog89 A modified version of the WCO
eb21 a out growth of it...also some of the old redskin (gibbs) offense
aaronwilson Shane Matthews signed with Tampa, but they need another quarterback in anticipation of losing Shaun King, too.
HDDream yeah, Crow, one that scores little points and struggles to get first downs
Dev21 That's what I figured, too. EB, don't the Vikings run a similar offense?
Crowdog89 Thanks Aaron..I thought I saw that somewhre.
eb21 Yes...
darb72 we've got a load of talent on offense, with Jamal, Heap, Ogden, Mule, Redman and Ricard
darb72 just missing a few players
Crowdog89 WR's
eb21 it's enough to win with...
Crowdog89 Hows Ray coming along?
darb72 agreed CrowDog. Though I actually think Travis Taylor improved last year
aaronwilson The key is scoring enough points, but this defense should be an excellent unit.
eb21 hadn't been around the las week or so
darb72 see, I can say nice things about our offense.
eb21 he must be doing ok...
Baltimore_Greg I think the defense is there with a run stuffer and another real pass rushing threat
eb21 hard huh darb
aaronwilson I believe Brian Billick said in a radio interview that Ray Lewis' rehab is a month ahead of schedule.
Dev21 Would the Ravens go after Germaine Crowell? He's coming off a couple of injury riddled seasons.
darb72 no kidding
aaronwilson Germane Crowell has been injury-prone, but he has a good combination of size and speed. Wouldn't be surprised if he was evaluated by Baltimore.
HDDream Assuming the Ravens do get a NT to help take up space and blockers, do you think we'll see the 2 ILB's blitzing more ala Pittsburgh with Kendrell Bell?
Dev21 I haven't heard much noise about him so far, so it's likely that they could sign for a good price.
eb21 back to olando...he is tough and mean....we need someone like that to set the tone...i hope he can shake the rust off quickly
darb72 can you imagine the poor QB who has to watch Ray and Peter bearing down on him.
Crowdog89 Thanks Darb, ya know I pimp TT all the time...hope he improves even more this season!
HDDream I agree EB, he's one nasty SOB on the football field
darb72 Kyle Turley is tough and mean. :)
Baltimore_Greg Hopefully Ray and Peter can bear down on that hick in Cleveland and break his waving ar,
aaronwilson In terms of nose guard, the Ravens are hoping for strong production from Maake Kemoeatu and Kelly Gregg along with new addition Joe Salave'a.
Dev21 Well, at the least, Brown will be a very good run blocker and like you said EB, he'll bring some attitude. But it's his pass blocking skills that will be the key.
HDDream Salave'a at NT? Hmm, that's an interesting one
eb21 true dev....if he struggles especially early we can help him with a back or TE
Dev21 Yeah, he's what, an even 300 pounds and a slasher?
HDDream Speaking of Kemoeatu, do you think he could eventually (perhaps even this year) be the starter at NT?
Crowdog89 Do you think Salave'a will be a starter or a role player?
aaronwilson Salave'a could emerge as a starter, but this line will rotate heavily at all three spots.
Mista_T Thnx Aaron & Ernest. Goodnight all!
HDDream goodnight T
Baltimore_Greg Light weight
darb72 night T
Crowdog89 Night T...
aaronwilson Goodnight.
eb21 for Kemo it's going to be his training that will get him to the next level...working on explosion will be great for him
aaronwilson Rex Ryan does an excellent job of getting the most out of this unit.
eb21 see ya t
Baltimore_Greg How about Knight, how is he coming along with his injury return
HDDream He's at least got the size you want, unlike Gregg, who tries his hardest, but just doesn't quite have the bulk you want
eb21 kemo will have more confidence this year
darb72 has anybody heard anything about that guard from Hawaii. Can't remember his name right now
Dev21 Manuwai.
darb72 that would be it, thanks Dev
aaronwilson Vince Manuwai is a legitimate first-day prospect, as is teammate Wayne Hunter, an athletic offensive tackle.
eb21 alllllrighty than.....have a good time.....
Dev21 Hunter is a guy who could fall to the second round.
aaronwilson See ya tomorrow EB.
darb72 good luck EB
Baltimore_Greg Good Luck EB
HDDream Bye EB, thanks
Dev21 Good luck.
Crowdog89 Good luck on your test EB
aaronwilson Don't work too hard.
eb21 thanks
aaronwilson Next question, please.
darb72 if I buy the whole front office a bag of oreos, do you think they'll consider Turley
HDDream I could see the Ravens considering Hunter if the top DT's are gone at 42 (which I think is likely).
aaronwilson Lol. I think they prefer Reese's Peanut Butter cups actually, but, probably not. They have addressed right tackle.
HDDream Do you see them making any moves at all between now and the draft?
aaronwilson Yes, at least a few more moves.
aaronwilson It's possible Bernardo Harris and/or James Trapp might be re-signed. Sam Adams is another possibility. Hopefully, something will be done to address the receiver depth.
Crowdog89 hey deb
aaronwilson Next question, please.
darb72 but don't be a smart alek. That's my job
HDDream I think they need to sign a WR before the draft
Dev21 Amen on the receivers.
Baltimore_Greg Trapp is a great guy and a strong ST-er, we should get him back
Dev21 Sign SOMEONE.
ravensfan i must have noded off or something. are there any nose tackles in the draft that the ravens are looking at?
darb72 sign me
aaronwilson Trapp's agent, George Mavrikes, said today that Ravens are a possibility along with Carolina and Jacksonville.
HDDream Aaron, if they do sign a WR, any idea, who might be on their radar?
Crowdog89 You know I want Trapp least I don't have to chase him down for his autograph...
aaronwilson They've been extremely quiet about receiver search. Frank Sanders, Martay Jenkins are names to keep in mind.
Dev21 Jenkins is a nice player, great speed. Could replace Stokley.
Baltimore_Greg I recall Sanders had a big year or two with Plummer, can he get that back?
Crowdog89 Who did Jenkins play for..I am not familiar with him?
darb72 I would like to sign Jenkins
darb72 Cardinals
HDDream Both played for Arizona Crow
Crowdog89 Thanks
darb72 WR, KR
aaronwilson In terms of nose guards in the draft, Oklahoma State's Kevin Williams is highly regarded as is Ohio State's Kenny Peterson and Texas A&M's Ty Warren.
aaronwilson Jenkins' people have called the Ravens to pitch him, and there may be some mutual interest.
HDDream Aaron, are you just assuming Robertson and Kennedy will be gone at 10? Or are you thinking it will be a QB? Would they pick Boller that high?
aaronwilson Yes, I believe Jimmy Kennedy will be off the board, but Dewayne Robertson could be available. Drafting Kyle Boller that high would be a classic reach.
ravensfan what are the ravens plans after matt stover?
aaronwilson Matt Stover is firmly entrenched as the kicker. That said, they always bring additional kickers to camp to evaluate them and push Stover in case he falters.
HDDream I agree it would be a reach to draft Boller at 10, and I was pimping Boller on the message board before anyone, but I never figured he'd fly up the board that high that fast
Crowdog89 Where do you think Jermaine Lewis will end up?
aaronwilson Cincinnati or Jacksonville. Wouldn't be surprised if Miami resurfaces as a contender, too. Jermaine told me he has offers from Miami and Jacksonville.
aaronwilson Next question, please.
aaronwilson I can take a few more.
darb72 That kicker from Auburn would be a great pick up in the 7th round
Baltimore_Greg Boller will go high teens tops, there is always a player who the media sells up the board before the draft who ends up back where he belongs
HDDream Any chance of them adding some veteran depth on the OL, even if they think Anderson is the starter, they really don't have much behind him, or do you think Guard could be a position they draft pretty high in the draft?
Dev21 What are the chances that they would trade down, if they wanted Boller and realistically felt that they could get him later?
aaronwilson I don't believe they will move out of the 10th spot. That represents an impact player potentially.
HDDream Aaron, is Leftwich the guy they want more than anyone else?
darb72 all of the Ravens first round picks are impact players, regardless of pick number
Baltimore_Greg People seem to think the Bears and Cards won't draft QB since they signed Kordell and Blake, what do you think?
Crowdog89 Do you think the Ravens will make a push to get Leftwich in the draft?...Beat me HD!
aaronwilson They haven't indicated at all what they will do with the first pick, but Byron Leftwich would be hard to pass on if he's healthy.
aaronwilson Next question, please.
Baltimore_Greg Bears and Cards, do you think they will pass on QB?
HDDream Aaron, even if Anderson is the starter, any chance they draft or sign another guard, they really don't have much behind him other than Rabach, who struggles every time they put him at Guard?
darb72 Cards have their QB of the future Greg.
aaronwilson Possibly so. Chicago apparently made Kordell some assurances about not drafting one. Arizona's Dave McGinnis is extremely high on second-year passer Josh McNown.
Baltimore_Greg Excellent
Crowdog89 good
Dev21 Yeah, but the second round, that could be a different story.
aaronwilson I think they will draft an offensive guard at some point. During the season, Jim Colletto indicated he wanted Ravens to draft a guard. We'll see.
Baltimore_Greg If I am the Cards I play McGinnis and develop him, it isn't like they are playoff material (especially with Blake)
Crowdog89 Ragone will go in the second...along with (Yecch) Simms
HDDream I hope they use a fairly high one on a guard
aaronwilson McGinnis is the Cardinals' coach. McNown is the quarterback.
darb72 Simms sucks
Baltimore_Greg I mean McNown
Dev21 Greg, I don't understand that move either. With these mediocre signings (Jackson and Darling) they think they are a contender.
aaronwilson As for second-rounders, keep in mind Texas Tech's Kliff Kingsbury, too. He's a very productive player with mobility.
darb72 but they got Blae Dev
Dev21 LOL.
darb72 come on, he's good for at least the play-offs.
darb72 I meant Blake by the way
Baltimore_Greg Blake will put up solid numbers in yards and TDs, and still lose a bunch of games
HDDream he's better than the guy that was their last year, and I think Devner will painfully find that out this year
HDDream Aaron, it's that time of year....Final 4 picks?
Dev21 If you were to make a prediction, do the Ravens re-sign Adams or not?
Baltimore_Greg I think Steve should continue to host the chat until midnight since he bolted
aaronwilson Arizona, Kentucky, Texas and Oklahoma.
Crowdog89 I agee Greg, he can work on British time...
adminsteve No left my laptop at work.
darb72 well, something just came up, so I'll have to hang out with my wife for a while. Then I can stay here as long as ya'll do
Crowdog89 LOL
Baltimore_Greg Nope, it is past midnight there
aaronwilson It seems possible still that Adams will be back.
aaronwilson Anything else?
Crowdog89 So, he can work the night shift
HDDream Any chance they make a run at Holliday?
Dev21 Nope.
ravensfan are there any outside linebackers in the later rounds the ravens might draft that can get at the QB?
aaronwilson I doubt it severely. It's out of their price range at that position. They don't want to spend that much money.
darb72 the front office really just doesn't care about the offensive line do they
HDDream now, he asks a question, lol
aaronwilson Very few tweeners of quality in this draft at OLB.
Crowdog89 Will the Ravens LB corps be intact from last year?
darb72 he's been bidding his time
HDDream only guy left to sign is Harris, I believe
aaronwilson In terms of offensive line, they care. This is an improvement from prior campaigns. They're spending some money.
aaronwilson I believe so. Linebackers are all well thought of by coaching staff. Bernardo Harris remains a possibility.
Crowdog89 Thanks HD, I was oldtiming on Harris's name
darb72 Don't tease me. Nobody loves us fat guys
HDDream I hear some rumors that they might try Brooks at Guard, any truth to that?
adminsteve Did he leave LOL
HDDream guess the chat is
Crowdog89 Aaron got comcasted..
adminsteve Hmmm, his AIM crashed also
darb72 I mention fat guys and he runs? What the heck is up with that
Crowdog89 lol
Baltimore_Greg I thinked he got Adelphiad
adminsteve Thanks fellas. Yes...AOL'd i think

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