Visiting with Frank Sanders

Frank Sanders and his wife came to visit us this past Friday at the Owings Mills Practice Facilities. The two came to get a taste of the Raven persona and to get a feel of what it's like here in Baltimore. I can truly say that they got a good taste of the city as well as some good personal treatment.

My wife, Tina, took Frank's wife out for lunch (at the request of Oz) at one
of the local restaurants in Owings Mills-- Crab cakes were on the menu, of course.


The two ladies ate and talked for about two hours about various topics. One question that Tina asked Mrs. Sanders had to do with what she (Frank's wife) expected from the team that she and Frank might join.


Mrs. Sanders mentioned to Tina that she would like to feel at home, comfortable and feel a sense of spiritual belonging. About an hour and a half into there session she blurted out how much fun she was having with my wife. Way to go TB! You are an excellent representative of what the Ravens and I stand for. Tina simply kept it real with Frank's wife all afternoon long. Before lunch, the two even rode around Owings Mills, New Town and Reisterstown taking in the view, while also looking at housing potentials. That was a good old personal touch added to this visit.

While Frank's wife was being treated nicely by my wife, Frank was going through the normal physical, X-rays, EKG and the like. He also had the opportunity to meet with Ozzie, David Shaw and Brian Billick. Every player that comes for a visit has to meet with the position coaches, the head coach, coordinators and
Ozzie Newsome. The time that the organization spends with a potential Raven is used to get a feel for the guy. The visit is also used to find out what makes a player tick, while getting a feel for his overall personality.

That player will give you a feeling about whether he will be a good Raven or not.

The time I spent with Frank was a good experience. I was able to find out that he has an excellent charity, set up to assist young kids with maintaining their school attendance. The work that he and his supporters are doing is fantastic. It's something that he can cookie cut, and move to another city if desired. He is a credit to his family and an excellent representative of
Auburn University
. I joked with Frank, and told his wife how good a job she has done with him, and to please keep it up. He would be a good Raven.

I personally enjoy the time I spend with each player that comes through for a visit and especially enjoyed Frank Sanders, while my wife enjoyed her time
with his wife. We will see whether the football spirits will lead the Ravens
to this pair. Let's pray that it's a true winning situation for both parties.

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