Off-season duties

This off-season I am involved in the training program in the weight room. Jeff Friday is our head weight coach along with Paul Rucci as his assistant. My reason for being involved is two fold....

My degree will be one that can be used for personal training and I felt a prompting by my inner spirit to ask Jeff about the possibility. I am grateful that he has given me the chance to be a part of making our team better during this crucial part of the year.

This is crucial because what the guys do in the weight room this off-season will go a long way in building the chemistry that our team will have during the season. The growth that can happen in the off-season program on both the physical level is great for each player that partakes in the program. But the spirit of the team can be established during this time. Guys hanging around each other, working on the passing game with Chris and some of his offensive cohorts will pay tremendous dividends. I knew last year during the first camp that we would be better than people thought we would be. It was partly based on what I had seen during the off-season program.

Today (3-24-03) was the first day of the off-season program. The players were strength tested on the bench and body fat composition was taken by skin folds.

Most of the guys looked good and you could tell that they were not at home just waiting on the program to began before they started to workout. This I assure you is a good thing. Some were in better shape than others but Chester Taylor looked like he had done the best at taking advantage of his time away. He benched pressed 315 lbs maybe 9 or 10 times. He was not only strong but looked the part. This could be a sign of what he is looking to accomplish this year.

The off-season program will go through the draft and end in mid-June. This an excellent time for bowling, fishing and golfing together to build that intangible spirit of the team but it also a great time to get oneself ready for the upcoming season while also preparing for the following year. 

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